Wordle Clone Frame uses movie scenes as clues for moviegoers

The umpteenth Wordle clone takes players to the movies, but Frame’s selection of shots is no picnic for even the biggest movie buff.

Wordle Framed Movie Clues

One of the hottest games of 2022 came from an unlikely place, like wordle constantly drives hundreds of thousands of people to test their literacy skills. However, a whole new wordle clone called framed has surfaced on the internet, so moviegoers can have a go too.

This is of course only the latest clone of the homemade game, as the recent rounds aim to make the game harder with a 25-letter word version of wordle, one for Formula 1 fans, and even a reflex-testing version that gamers will love. With around 300,000 players near its peak, wordle reached roughly the same levels of popularity as the most popular games in the world, such as fortnite, CS: GO, League of Legendsor the recent Ring of Elden.


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framedturns on magic wordle The formula is quite simple: players get the same 6 guesses, but they start with a single clue in the form of an unknown movie shot. The player then enters their guess into a search bar with auto-complete entries generated from the developer’s own curated list. If correct, they win, and if not, another frame from the movie is shown. Like with wordleIn the daily variants, there is only one film chosen per day, except that in this case the level of difficulty depends solely on the film culture of each.

Framed wordle clone interface

Of course, the guessing powers will be severely nerfed for those who have never seen any of the movies released on any given day. However, it could also be a good way for losing players to expand their tastes in movies. The game’s creator has set up a Ko-fi site for those who want to support them with a £2 coffee, and their recent work includes a few more too wordle clones, with Speedle being essentially a speedrunner’s dream, and Numb comes down to testing arithmetic skills.

Yes “wordle but with the math” doesn’t sound too interesting, there’s also the version that only has the company brand names, because at this point there’s pretty much a wordle for everyone. The game’s massive popularity has not been without controversy, as Josh Wardle’s millionaire sale of the original to the New York Times caused a sharp decline in the player base, possibly due to several changes introduced by the journal in the game’s word database, among other things.

As wordle approaching its 300th edition and more clones will likely continue to appear, it’s just a matter of finding one that appeals to every user the same as the original indie gem.

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