‘Wonder Man’ is the next series of Marvel movies on Disney+

Marvel Studios has confirmed that its next series of films is “Wonder Man” which will air on Disney+ and could begin filming next year.

“Wonder Man” is in preparation. (Picture: YouTube)

Who is “Wonder Man”?

“Wonder Man” is the next superhero to be made into a live-action movie series on Disney+. Little is known about the character, especially among the new generation, but he is one of the oldest superheroes introduced in the early days of the Avengers.

In an article published in VARIETY, Simon Williams is the real name of ‘Wonder Man’ and he is the son of a wealthy industrialist. However, they have repeatedly failed in a business contest against Tony Starks Industries. Meanwhile, a known villain, Baron Zemo, took advantage of this situation and recruited Simon Williams to become one of them.

‘Wonder Man’ has the ionic energy powers which include superhuman strength, endurance, invulnerability and flight through the use of a jetpack as mentioned in an article published in POLYGON. However, he became a superhero and became a member of the Avengers after his brief affiliation with Zemo’s group.

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Production and release date

The ‘Wonder Man’ will be written by Destin Daniel Cretton and may direct some series. Meanwhile, Andrew Guest will serve as the executive producer and also the head writer for the film series. However, Guest’s representative declined to comment on the report, according to an article published in RBC.

The release date and plot of “Wonder Man” are still being kept secret. In fact, Marvel Studios doesn’t usually comment on projects that are still in development.

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Andrea G. Henderson