Wiza Selected To Appear In Next Episode Of “RoboCop” Film Series

By Brandi Makuski

Mayor Mike Wiza confirmed this week that he is heading to Detroit next year for a small role in the next episode of the RoboCop film series.

According to a joint press release from MGM and BRON Studios, RoboCop Returns will be a direct sequel to RoboCop (1987) who ignores RoboCop 2 (1990) and RoboCop 3 (1993), as well as the remake RoboCop (2014).

The producers said that Wiza’s 2021 push to get an iconic RoboCop statue for installation at Stevens Point, which made headlines around the world, created enough of a stir to breathe new life into the film franchise. Peter Weller, who played the first RoboCop, was born in Stevens Point. In the film, Weller is part man, part machine, part cop, leading the Detroit Police Department to rid the streets of crime in a dystopian future.

MGM said it was still working to have Weller return to reprise his new role. In the new film, his hero character battles RoboCrook.

Wiza said he had already accepted the role, listed by the studio as “rogue #4”. He will play a street gang member who unwittingly sets the stage for the final battle between RoboCop and RoboCrook.

“But the details are still a long way off,” Wiza said. “They’re still working on a script, but it’s incredibly exciting. I asked them to somehow include Stevens Point in the film, a reference to our great city in the script or something like that.

a relatively young director best known for his work on the 2019 zombie comedy little monsters, will direct the film. Justin Rhodes is writing the screenplay. Rhodes is known for his work on 2019’s underwhelming Terminator: Dark Fate and RoboCop Returns.

The script is still in development, but MGM said filming is scheduled for summer 2023.

Andrea G. Henderson