Which Will Smith film series made the most money at the box office?

From the 1990s to the 2020s, few movie stars enjoyed as much success and love as Will Smith. The actor has appeared in a ton of blockbuster movies over the years. And he’s not only one of Hollywood’s hardest-working stars, but also one of its biggest box office hits. But which of Smith’s franchise roles made the most money at the box office? Let’s take a closer look.

‘Bad Boys for Life’ stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence | Kevin Winter

Will Smith has played a key role in many successful films

The first notable thing about Smith’s filmography is that – while he’s appeared in a ton of hits – many of his films never got sequels. Concrete example, 2019 Aladdin is the highest-grossing film of his career. But it’s not part of a movie franchise. Rather, it is a live-action remake of the 1992 anime hit of the same name. Similarly, 2016 suicide squad is part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), but it’s also the only DCEU movie in which Smith appears.

Smith’s other huge standalone films include Hancock, I’m a legend, shark story, Coupling, I robotand The pursuit of happiness. All of these releases grossed over $300 million at the global box office, according to Figures.com. And while the I’m a legend sequel reportedly finally moving forward after years of rumors, it hasn’t happened yet. So this movie and its $585 million gross doesn’t apply to Smith’s movie franchise rankings.

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Which of his franchise roles made the most money?

While three films starring Smith in the lead have spawned sequels, only two franchises are truly in contention for the top spot. After all, the actor refused to return for 2016 Independence Day: Resurgence. Neither that film nor its predecessor’s $817 million gross applies here. But even if the independence day qualified films, they would still be far from Smith’s most commercially successful franchise.

This honor goes to men in black series. Overall, the four films – including those from 2019 Men in Black: International, which does not feature Smith — earned $1.9 billion worldwide. But if we only count the three stars Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, then that total drops slightly to $1.7 billion. Even then, it still tops the second, Bad Boys franchise. Over its three episodes, The Adventures of Smith and Martin Lawrence grossed $839 million.

Will Smith’s career slows after the 2022 Oscars

At first glance, Smith has topped most of these franchises. Independence Day: Resurgence established that his character had died between films. And its box office failure means another sequel is unlikely at this time. Similarly, the disappointing box office performance of Men in Black: International likely means an extended break for this franchise. The only one of Smith’s three major franchises still in the mix is Bad Boys. But even seems to be on hiatus.

To be fair, many of the actor’s developing projects are on hold after the 2022 Oscars. The actor won his first Oscar for King Richard but also caused controversy by slapping presenter Chris Rock on stage. The extent of Smith’s consequences is still uncertain. But the odds are, bad boys 4, i am legend 2and Aladdin 2 everything will eventually happen. In the meantime, Smith’s next film, Emancipationshould be released in 2022.

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