Which Blumhouse movie series is the best?

Blumhouse is associated with some of the greatest horror films of recent times. get out (2017), Weird (2020), and Claim (2015) are just a few of the company’s releases that audiences enjoy. Blumhouse also has a few famous franchises to its name, from paranormal activity at The purge at Insidious. These are all very different from each other, whether they focus on the supernatural or one night a year when people can commit crimes.

If horror fans are comparing these three franchises, which is the best? There is definitely a clear winner.


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Whereas Insidious is a solid horror movie, you could say the other movies in the franchise aren’t as good, and fans could say there’s a good movie in The purge franchise. Comparing the three film franchises, it can be said that paranormal activity is the best because of the original concept, the storytelling of each film, and of course, the budget and marketing history of the first film.

Even though not all horror fans like paranormal activity movie, there was something so scary and powerful about the very first movie. According Weekly entertainment, the film’s marketing campaign involved a website with a yellow box with the words “Demand it!” People clicked on these words and could vote for the film shown in a cinema in their city. EO noted that it created “excitement”.

It’s also worth looking at the film’s budget and how much money it made. The Hollywood Reporter reported that the budget was $15,000 and when Steven Spielberg wanted to redo the ending, it cost $50,000 as well as $150,000 to fix the sound. Dreamworks spent $18 million on marketing in the United States and $350,000 on the film. Worldwide box office receipts amounted to $193 million.

The narration of the paranormal activity frankness deserves praise. Unlike horror films found to be overrated, the 2007 film features a realistic-looking story that audiences truly felt fear while watching. Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Slout) live in San Diego and realize their house is haunted. It’s impossible to watch the movie and not feel nervous about seeing something in the middle of the night. Chances are fans will remember the first time they watched this movie and how unique the experience was. It really felt like a documentary and something that could happen to anyone.

In an interview with Young people, Jason Blum shared that it was fun and exciting to work on the PAbnormal activity franchise and that the films have become very popular. Blum said: “I was doing all kinds of movies before I did paranormal activity. I was making little independent art films that nobody saw. I was a little tired of making films that no one had ever seen, so I wanted to try something new. I think that’s kind of what inspired me. I thought it was more commercial than what I had done before, and so I wanted to try something where there was actually an audience. I was making films that had more people on the crew than people watching the film. It was fun to make a movie that people were going to see.”

While there are some lackluster horror movie endings, the first film’s conclusion is disconcerting and sparks audiences’ interest in the rest of the franchise. The fact that Micah dies and Katie is still alive but missing proves that the spirits in these movies are brutal and won’t spare anyone. The franchise offers what audiences want: characters in terrifying situations. The films are also great haunted house horror flicks that show what it’s really like to feel a strange, supernatural presence.

Critics are wrong Paranormal Activity: Neighbor of Kin because there are many reasons to love this movie, and the 2022 movie Paranormal Activity: The Other Side Great. According to IMDb, the plot description reads: “Moving in together before college begins, four friends uncover their home’s gruesome past and connection to the 1988 incidents.”

When compared to Insidious and The purge, paranormal activity definitely comes to mind. The world of Insidious got a little tired after so many movies examining the same evil spirits, and The purgeThe concept of is interesting, but the movies haven’t really given audiences much to think about other than that. There is still an audience for paranormal activity and the original premise still sounds spooky and exciting, which is an incredible feat considering the first film came out in 2007. While there are reviews from every horror franchise, this one did a great job. to maintain his fears.

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Andrea G. Henderson