What is Heart Shot about on Netflix? (film plot)

falling for something is another big title that was added to Netflix ahead of the streaming service’s Emerging Filmmaker initiative, which allows budding filmmakers to show off their filmmaking talent. And just like the other films in this year’s lineup, falling for something will hang you on the edge of your seats.

We can go on and on about why you should watch this short later tonight, but we think telling you everything this short entails will be the best way to convince you.

Everything you need to know about Netflix’s new short is here.

Synopsis of Favorite

falling for something tells the story of two girls named Sam (Nia Sondaya) and Nikki (Elena Heuze) who are young and in love.

Sam is a radiant breath of fresh air while Nikki is rather mysterious, living a dangerous double life. This danger eventually seeps into what was supposed to be a cold weekend for the two of them and ends up exposing a side of Nikki that Sam never knew.

Who is Nikki and what is she willing to do to protect the one she loves? You’ll have to tune in for the answers to these burning questions, but until then, check out the official synopsis via Netflix below:

In this short film, teenagers Nikki and Sam are in love and plan their future together – until Nikki’s dangerous past returns to threaten everything.

The film is brought to you by Rob Riggle Ski Masters Academy‘s Lauren Ludwig, who is co-writer of this film, and also presents Cobra Kaiis Marielle Woods, who is our writer and director.

Knowing that these two talented people are working on this project only reinforces why you should watch this movie, so head over to Netflix to catch every second of falling for something!

Are you going to watch?

Andrea G. Henderson