Waxing lyrical? Amber Heard allegedly cited movie lines in her testimony

This is an art case mimicking the life of Amber Heard after she took the stand to give evidence this week in a joint defamation case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

It is because the Aquaman the actress was accused by Twitter users of quoting lines and imitating scenes from at least half a dozen films during her sworn statement in court

Amber and Johnny are embroiled in a $100 million defamation case in court in Fairfax, Virginia. the old Pirates of the Caribbean actor is suing his ex-wife over allegations she made in a Washington Post platform in which they claimed to have been victims of abuse during their marriage. In return, Amber counter-sues Johnny after his legal team calls it an “elaborate hoax.”

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This week, Amber Heard was called to give evidence over allegations that Johnny Depp physically and sexually abused her throughout their marriage. The couple were married from 2015 to 2017 and separated amid allegations of abuse, infidelity and drug addiction.

According to social media users, Amber Heard’s testimonial was peppered with movie quotes.

In a Twitter thread posted on Thursday, May 5, a tweep accused Amber of “stealing movies, TV shows and books” during her testimony. The tweep posted, “If you were watching Amber Heard and thought some of these lines sound oddly familiar, they are.”

The tweep quoted an excerpt from Amber Heard’s testimony in which she allegedly quoted lines from the 1999 film The talented Mr. Ripley, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Matt Damon.

Although there is no video evidence to support this claim, Heard allegedly quotes the character, Marge Sherwood (played by Paltrow) from the film, in which she said, “The thing is with Johnny (Dickie). . . it’s like the sun is shining on you, and it’s glorious, and then it forgets about you, and it’s very, very cold.

Other glaring similarities, tweeps claim, include quotes and mannerisms such as:

  • “Drink lots of tea”, excerpt from the film Notting Hill
  • “Rather Cut His Hand” from the drama series Mildred Pierce
  • “Do you know how much it takes to break a human’s hands”, from Netflix crime-doccy i am a killer

Other social media users claim Amber Heard also ‘stole’ lines from the show real detectiveand Maid, and movies White Chicks, Alpha Dog, The Crucible, Shrek 2, and Reservoir dogs.

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It’s no secret that the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard case has divided fans around the world. While some think Amber Heard may be a victim of domestic abuse, others suggest she’s “acting” under oath.

During Thursday’s proceedings, the tweeps accused Amber of “acting out” after a clip of her nearly crossing paths with Johnny Depp in the courtroom went viral.

Talk to People magazine, a spokesperson for Johnny Depp claimed that Amber Heard was delivering “the performance of a lifetime” during her review.

The rep added: ‘While Ms Heard’s stories have continued to develop new practical details, Mr Depp’s memories have remained exactly the same throughout the painful six years since his first allegations were made.

“His truth – the truth – is the same regardless of the environment in which it was presented.”

However, Amber Heard’s lawyer refuted the allegations, adding: “As evidenced by the statement just released, Mr. Depp’s libel suit is collapsing so quickly that his lawyers are going from prosecutor to persecutor.

“Mr. Depp’s behavior in this trial has been as pitiful as it was in their marriage.”

Amid all the back and forth between camps, media personality Piers Morgan reminded the tweeps that Johnny and Amber are seasoned actors.

Andrea G. Henderson