Watch: CODA star Troy Kotsur performs iconic movie lines in viral Variety video

Troy Kotsur, who became the first deaf man to win an acting Oscar at last Sunday’s Oscars, re-enacted some classic movie scenes – in a short video shared by the entertainment outlet Variety Friday.

The winner of Best Supporting Actor and CODA star can be seen performing lines from films such as Jaws and star wars in the edit – as well as his take on famed spy James Bond.

It comes after Kotsur voiced his dream of playing the special agent during his BAFTA acceptance speech last month.

He told the Royal Albert Hall audience: “I would just like to congratulate James Bond, 007, on his 60th birthday.

“And wait, wait, wait, wait, have you considered maybe a deaf James Bond, 008?”

Watch the full video of Kotsur’s performance below:

CODA is available to stream now on Apple TV+.

Photo: Variety/YouTube.

By Liam O’Dell. Liam is an award-winning deaf freelance journalist and campaigner from Bedfordshire. He can be found talking about disability, drama, politics and more on Twitter and on its website.

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