Twitter Users Reflect on the Most Random Movie Lines That Get Stuck in Their Heads

Here’s a disgusting and corrosive little nugget to stick in your brainholes: Gros Pointe Virgin twenty-five fucking years old. It’s true. John Cusack’s classic hitman in existential crisis (one of the best mini-genres out there) was released in April 1997. I wrote about it five years ago when he turned twenty. Which, I mean, what is it? As if Gros Pointe Virgin being twenty-five wasn’t bad enough, I can also now drop lines like “when I wrote that five years ago”. Fuck you, time. What are you playing? I’m still in my twenties. I’m still a newbie here.

Anyway, the reason why I bring Gros Pointe Virgin here is because this is the first movie that came to mind when I saw this awesome Twitter prompt by the lovely folks at Bright Wall/Dark Room:

Gros Pointe Virgin is an immensely quotable film overall – “I Killed the President of Paraguay with a Fork”. How are you?”, “Oh good for you, it’s a growing industry!”, “No, don’t try! Don’t shoot anything! – but for me, these are some of Dan Aykroyd’s rival assassin bloodlines that I keep coming back to. Specifically two, both from that big shootout at the end. One is, ‘Bing, bing, bang! Popcorn!”, because that’s the kind of inspirational gibberish that more shootouts should be imbued with, and the other is, “Workers of the world unite!” — for obvious reasons, and for gloriously delivering demented and joyous that Aykroyd serves him with.

Here’s some of what Twitter got in response to the Bright Wall/Dark Room prompt:

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