Travel based on movie scenes

“This is what dreams are made of!” “

If you’re a bit of a pop culture nerd, movie buff, or world traveler, then you’ve probably watched a scene in a movie and thought, “I’d love to travel there in person.

I’m here to tell you that it’s only okay to take travel inspiration from movies, even if the planning starts with a platter of animated donuts.

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To make you feel seen, I’ve rounded up some of my own travel memories that I’ve taken solely from scenes from my favorite movies.


Barcelona, ​​Spain (Cheetah girls)

Kristen Martin / Disney Channel

What can I say ? You gotta strut like you think, and that’s exactly what I did during my stay in Spain. But if strutting isn’t your thing, free your mind with the mosaics and the beautiful architecture of Park Güell. Get inspired by Cheetahlicious views and fierce artwork. There are plenty of outdoor activities if you want to explore the park, but if you prefer to relax and enjoy the greenery, you can cycle or sit on one of the many benches while you take in the scenery.


Watford, England (Harry potter)

Kristen Martin / Warner Bros.

I traveled all the way to Watford, England to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. The Harry Potter Tour was amazing, full of fun facts, interactive exhibits, and plenty of movie props including Flying Ford Anglia. But just to warn you, the car is not thrilled, so unfortunately I couldn’t fly. But if you do visit the studio, there’s a flying broom set up that at least gives the illusion of flying through a green screen effect. This illusion is good enough for a Muggle like me.


Paris, France (Passport to Paris)

Warner Home Video / Kristen Martin

I can’t be the only one who has had all of the adventures of the Olsen twins on their bucket list. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dominated the screen in the ’90s with films set in Rome, New York, the Bahamas, London and more. Passport to Paris was my first inspiration to visit France. The twins looked pretty good in this movie – Notre-Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine and of course the Eiffel Tower, so it was just for me to pose the same way in this city of love and love. beauty.


Jamaica (How Stella found her groove)

Kristen Martin / 20th Century Fox

This one might sound overkill, but in How Stella found her groove, Delilah, played by Whoopi Goldberg, tells Stella (Angela Bassett) that they are going to visit Rick’s Cafe while they are in Jamaica. Now the movie doesn’t really show them visiting the restaurant, but that didn’t stop me from making the trip almost 20 years after the movie was released. At Rick’s, you can be like Stella, find your rhythm with a sneaky little tie (👀), or you can capture a vibe at the bar. For dinner, you can sip a Bob Marley-inspired drink, order fresh lobster as Delilah’s suggestion, and then after dinner jump off the cliff into the clear blue waters of Negril. There’s even a pool, live music, and a gorgeous pop-up that frames the best sunset views on the island.


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (Last holidays)

Paramount Pictures / Kristen Martin

Yes, I followed the queen, that is, Queen Latifah, who plays in Last holidays. The film is set in Karlovy Vary, about a two-hour drive from Prague, Czech Republic. Granted Karlovy Vary looked like a fictional place when I heard it, but after Google proved it to be real I booked a trip and was even more surprised to learn that the Grandhotel Pupp was open to the public for accommodation. I had lunch at the hotel restaurant and did what any travel enthusiast would do. I did a TikTok with Georgia Byrd’s hotel reception scene, and I can confirm that looking at the lobby ceiling makes you want to cry.


Brooklyn, New York (Crooklyn)

Universal Pictures / Kristen Martin

Ok so my fascination with New York started here with this Spike Lee classic, Crooklyn. Most of the scenes were shot at 7 Arlington Place in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn. Now a bed and breakfast, this brownstone sits in the center of the block. It’s a wonderful sight to watch when you’ve grown up rewinding – RIP in the VHS days – and repeating that scene from the movie.


Rome, Italy (Lizzie McGuire’s movie)

Disney Channel / Kristen Martin

You might not be as lucky as Lizzie McGuire, exploring Rome with a celebrity, but you can still make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Even though Rome is extremely populated, I doubt you will meet a famous man who knows a singer who looks like you. You probably have a better chance of performing at the Colosseum, or at least outside, like I did when I failed to secure entrance tickets. Whoops ! Either way, put up with the heat, make a wish at the fountain and discover one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Maxim’s Paris (Living Single)

Kristen Martin / Fox

So, I took Régine’s advice and visited Maxim’s in Paris, France. Do you remember the episode of Living Single where Max and Kyle were pretending to go out together so Max could impress his ex? In “A Kiss Before Lying” they claim to have visited Maxim’s, so I also booked a real dinner there. The restaurant feels a bit out of the way despite its central location, so the chances of meeting your ex are pretty slim. This romantic spot is a historically famous restaurant, but surprisingly I didn’t have to wait in long lines to get my tender rack of lamb.


New Orleans, Louisiana (The princess and the Frog)

Disney / Kristen Martin

I have a sweet tooth just thinking about this movie. It’s weird, but there’s something about lively food that keeps me going. In this case, there were several restaurants and historic sites that inspired The princess and the Frog, but my favorite is Café Du Monde in New Orleans. The queue was at the door, but the good thing is that it’s open 24 hours a day, so if you have a snack in the middle of the night, Café Du Monde will greet you with southern hospitality.


Amsterdam, Netherlands (Blame it on our stars)

Kristen Martin / James Bridges / TM, Fox Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

After having watched The fault of our stars, I just had to visit Amsterdam and see the majestic canals and narrow houses in person. You will easily spot the infamous bench at the intersection of Herengracht and Leidsegracht, and you will feel all the emotions between Hazel Grace and Augustus as you sit back and admire the scene. Perhaps you will be lucky like me to find someone to pass you off as Augustus …

Andrea G. Henderson