Toni Braxton to star in new lifelong film series about ex-sleuth turned sleuth

Toni Braxton wowed audiences when she was unmasked as Pufferfish on The masked singer. But she continues to have great moments. The award-winning singer performed Jada Pinkett Smith for her 50se anniversary, much to the delight of fans and the Smith family. She also recently announced the launch of a beauty brand called Nude Sugar. And now, Braxton is set to return to the small screen in a lifetime film project.

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Toni Braxton to star in Lifetime’s “The Fallen Angels Book Club”

Accustomed to film or television, Braxton is an experienced actor and Broadway performer. Additionally, she has worked with the Lifetime Network in the past. This time around, she signed on as an executive producer and directed two films based on The Fallen Angels Book Club, a book in the series by R. Franklin James.

Braxton will play the main character, Hollis Morgan, a former white-collar criminal who was pushed to solve a mystery in her reading group. According to a press release from Lifetime, the inaugural film will feature the character’s story.

In the first installment, Fallen Angels Book Club members must have two things in common: a love for books and a criminal record. Hollis Morgan (Braxton) meets both requirements. Left in the bag in an insurance fraud scheme concocted by her ex-husband, Hollis has served her sentence and is now hoping the court will pardon her conviction so that she can return to law school and fulfill her dream of become a lawyer. But when a member of his book club is murdered in a scene straight out of the previous night’s novel, Hollis is again under police check. Refusing to get stuck with another bad rap, Hollis sets out to investigate her fellow club members and after a second book-inspired murder, she rushes to identify the killer before she becomes the next victim.

Rhonda Baraka is committed to directing the two films due out in 2022.

R. Franklin James wrote 6 books in the series

Although Braxton and Lifetime are on board for two films, there are six books in James’ Hollis Morgan collection. The first book is just the first of several interwoven tales that harness Morgan’s legal knowledge and expertise as a liar.

In some of the other stories, she pursues murderers, thieves and greedy crooks. And readers follow his second chance journey and his eventual entry into the practice of law.

Braxton has a history with Lifetime

Braxton’s relationship with Lifetime dates back to 2013 when she starred in Twist of faith. It was his first film on the channel. She also produced and starred in two other television projects in 2018: Faith under fire and Every day is Christmas.

Faith under fire chronicled Antoinette Tuff’s actual encounter with a school shooter. Tuff, a Georgian accountant, spoke to a potential gunman while he was in line with 911 dispatchers. Braxton starred and according to Lifetime more than 8 million people watched the film.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Fallen Angels Book Club.

Andrea G. Henderson