Tom Holland spoiled Zendaya on major Marvel movie plot point

Watch out for everyone except Tom Holland and Zendaya: spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame, so if you haven’t seen this episode in the Marvel Universe, you might want to ignore this story – and Zendaya probably wants a spoiler alert as well.

Zendaya revealed that she Spider Man the co-star totally spoiled a major plot point in End of Game for her. In a video interview with Tara Hitchcock, the two shared the spoiler story during a recent stopover to promote the new Spider Man movie, No way home. The topic of spoilers in general has been brought up because of the highly anticipated new episode of Spidey, and Zendaya shared that Tom opened up about Iron Man’s death in End of Game before seeing the movie.

“Spoiler-wise, I wish I didn’t know, I wish I didn’t know Iron Man until this movie comes out,” Z told interviewer Tara Hitchcock. Tom stepped in to tease her about it, saying, “Who told you that? Who told you Iron Man died? It’s terrible. God bless you.”

“I know, I couldn’t take advantage of it,” Zendaya replied. Tom jokingly got involved in the whole situation, saying, “It must have been really difficult for you. We should find out who messed up this for you. It’s terrible.” Sharing inside secrets from the Marvel Universe before your friend (and alleged girlfriend) can see the movie? Shame on you, Tom.

The two shared several funny stories during the press tour for No coming home, including one on how their size difference can make filming and stunts difficult. At one point in the movie, Spidey and MJ are supposed to land on a bridge, with the web hero putting MJ to safety, but it turns out that Z landed first and grabbed Tom. We’re sure they have a lot more adorable anecdotes up their sleeves about the movie and their relationship and we can’t wait to hear them – as long as there aren’t any spoilers involved, obviously.

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