Those movie twists SUCK!

If there’s one thing directors and studios love more than a lucrative sequel, it’s the endgame plot twist. This cinematic carpet pull, if done right, will leave audiences completely stunned as all the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place but create an image no one expected.

From Sixth Sense’s “he was dead all along” to the Star Wars “I’m your father” reveal, a good plot can bring the scene to life and sometimes cement the movie’s legacy in stone forever. However, for every good storyline, there are at least a hundred terrible ones, where creative minds have added absurd or downright stupid moments to their projects to shout “gotcha!” but failed to realize their draw saw the audience slipping, smashing their heads on the floor and leaking brain fluid from their ears.

It’s very easy to kick off a third-act twist with a hand gesture and a “here’s the REAL bad guy,” but if the setup doesn’t make sense or only works in isolation, audiences are likely to leave. the cinema feeling cheated and most certainly heated.

Hooo boy do we start this with an absolute stink! While the original I Know What You Did Last Summer might hold up about as well as a rotten fish these days, the sequel is somehow even more rancid when it comes to its twists, to the point that it’s almost impossible to take this supposed horror movie seriously.

The big reveal here is that the real killer in the play is actually Will Benson, one of central star Julie’s old college friends. Shock! Gasp! Treason! However, before that twist has a chance to settle on the “ok, that’s a pretty fun twist,” you suddenly start to realize the cascade of failures that go with that decision.

Let’s start with the big one, for example. WHY GOING TO THESE LENGTHS WILL YOU!*$% DONUT HEAD? You’re taking Jule and all her friends on vacation just so you can kill them one by one? What was the point? To have sun, sea and slash? A weekend trip to Gateshead would have been enough and no one would even care to find the bodies. Win-win! (I lived there so I can say this)

Let’s also not forget the twist is monumentally stupid when you realize it couldn’t have been anyone else at all because literally every other “suspect” is too stupid, high or both to have pulled this off.

And finally, the main event, the absolute love at first sight, is the fact that Will Benson is actually Ben’s son, aka the offspring of the original serial killer the group killed last time. That moment, when I saw it in the cinema, made me burst out laughing at how completely stupid it was. It adds precisely nothing to the film and only serves to take away what little there was to love. The fact that he even has his own “Ben’s Son?” hammers home that point like a nail in the pee hole how totally insane a movie this was.

Andrea G. Henderson