The scenes from the Adam Sandler movie that we love!

Adam Sandler has been in the entertainment industry since 1987 and continues to deliver comedic content to people around the world. Here are some iconic scenes that really showcase his amazing sense of humor!

Sandler and his group of friends never fail to bring laughs to the audience. Their on-screen friendships match the same goofy energy they all exhibit off-screen, which makes the movies all the more enjoyable. While the group as a whole is extremely funny, let’s take a look at some of Sandler’s funniest scenes!

The Adults (2010)

the original The adults is arguably one of Sandler’s most iconic films that will likely be remembered forever. From summer vibes to witty lines, it’s impossible not to love this movie! One of Sandler’s best scenes in the film is when his character, Lenny, and Rob Schneider’s character, Rob, fight over the vegan breakfast he made and Sandler hits him with the vegan banana. I absolutely didn’t see Sandler’s reaction coming, but it was pretty hilarious!

Go Ahead (2011)

Just go is definitely one of Sandler’s underrated films and folds quite often. The cast of this movie is hilarious and the plot makes for some great scenes. Well-known actress Bailee Madison plays Sandler’s fake daughter in the film, and the dynamic between the two is extremely entertaining. In this scene, Madison’s character, Maggie, negotiates with Sandler to be paid to impersonate her child. The back and forth of these two exchanges really shows just how funny Sandler is with his amazing delivery!

Billy Madison (1995)

This returning Sandler movie is sure to be an “old but good” one! Billy Madison is a well known character played by Sandler and he alone has countless infamous lines. One of the funniest certainly has to be the one where he yells “shut up” at the table after a sarcastic comment from his enemy in the movie. This line never fails to make us laugh because we’ve all definitely had a time when we wanted to burst out and scream like Billy. He just said what we all thought and you have to respect him for that!

Jack and Julie (2011)

This film is based on the character of Sandler having a twin sister who happens to be played by Sandler himself. Watching Sandler portray his own twin sister creates some truly hysterical scenes you won’t want to miss! This particular scene hits everyone with siblings as Sandler’s character explodes on his twin sister who drives him crazy. What makes this hilarious is how fully we understand what it’s like when someone drives you crazy, so their outburst is totally relatable!

Adults 2 (2013)

No sequel could ever live up to the original The adults, but Sandler definitely made the second one super enjoyable with so many laughs. The opening scene begins with Sandler’s character, Lenny, trying to get a deer out of his house, which alone makes for some really fun lines. Right off the bat, Lenny comes face to face with the deer as he wakes up in bed with his wife, and what he turns around and says to her is sure to make you laugh till you cry!

Although Adam Sandler’s group of comedian friends make all of his movies much funnier, Sandler himself is incredibly talented at delivering those funny lines that sometimes get overlooked. What are some of your favorite Adam Sandler movies or scenes? Let us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV

Andrea G. Henderson