The Recorder – Miramax explores Shelburne Falls for possible movie scenes

Posted: 01/14/2022 1:37:34 PM

Modified: 01/14/2022 13:36:41

SHELBURNE FALLS – The village has once again caught the eye of filmmakers as representatives from entertainment company Miramax are due to make a second visit here on Saturday.

Buckland town administrator Heather Butler told Selectboard this week that the stage manager of ‘The Holdovers’ film stopped by town hall to say a scout would be in town on Saturday to find out ” a full range” of potential filming locations.

The company is also contacting MassDOT, apparently because of their interest in filming on the Iron Bridge. Other specific locations named to date are the alley between Buckland Pizza and City Hall, West End Pub and McCusker’s Market.

There are no specifics or proposals yet, but Butler wanted to raise the possibility because at the 2021 annual town hall voters expressed concern that they won’t have a voice when film companies come to town. . The most recent was filming for the Showtime TV show “Dexter” during the first two weeks of April. Scenes were also shot in Whately and Sunderland.

“Dexter: New Blood,” which featured plenty of local scenes, aired its final episode last Sunday.

Before “Dexter”, filming took place in the village for the films, “Labor Day” in 2012 and “The Judge” in 2013.

“I think we’ve heard a loud and clear message that people want more reviews and more input,” Butler said, adding that as soon as a proposal is in hand she’ll bring it to the Selectboard and people will be able to weigh in during a meeting via Zoom. She noted that this film is set in winter, which is probably the best time to disrupt the village.

At the annual town hall, voters voted down a proposed by-law change regarding how approvals are granted for the filming of movies and TV shows.

Buckland and Shelburne each received $20,000 from ‘Dexter’, but Butler is clear any financial gain for the towns from ‘The Holdovers’ will be significantly less as only part of the film can be shot here and for a much shorter duration. . time.

“It’s by no means close to that kind of income,” Butler said, adding that she understands filming was set to begin in February.

Additionally, the “Dexter” production team paid many local businesses for the use of their building or because of the inconvenience.

Voters at Buckland’s annual town hall agreed to use half of the “Dexter” money, $10,000, to purchase a tractor that is currently being used to clean sidewalks.

Shelburne voters haven’t spent any of his ‘Dexter’ money but selection committee chairman Andrew Baker says a project ‘in our sights’ is to develop a ‘pocket park’ on the lot Singley. Pending successful negotiation with the owners of that land at Bridge Street and Deerfield Avenue, Town Meeting voters would need to approve the project to move it forward.

Miramax has acquired worldwide rights to “The Holdovers,” the Alexander Payne-directed film that re-teams him with “Sideways” star Paul Giamatti. David Hemingson wrote the screenplay, Mark Johnson produced and the film was greenlit for a January start date in New England.

The story is said to be of a “curmudgeonly, universally hated teacher, his problem-solving 15-year-old student, and the school’s African-American cook, who recently lost her son in Vietnam, are thrown together as they stayed at Deerfield Academy during the 1970 vacation.”

Andrea G. Henderson