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The film is centered on the investigation of Lieutenant-Colonel Georges Picquart, aiming to shed light on the Dreyfuss affair.

Rai 3 offers today the film entitled The Officer and the Spy. It is a dramatic genre film with historical atmospheres.

Production is between France And Italy, the year of realization is 2019 and the duration is two hours and 6 minutes.

The officer and the spy film – staging, protagonists, location

The direction is by Roman Polansky. The main protagonists are Marie-Georges Picquart And Alfred Dreyfus interpreted respectively by Jean Dujardin And Louis Garrel. Also in the cast Emmanuelle Seigner in the role of Pauline Monnier.
Filming took place in France, in particular a Paris and surrounding areas.
The manufacturing is Legends Movies in collaboration with RP Productions And Gaumont.
The original title is I accuse.

The officer and the spy film where he is filmed

The officer and the spy film – plot of the film broadcast on Rai 3

Alfred Dreyfus, a captain in the French army, is found guilty of high treason for passing on military secrets to the German Empire. The man is degraded and condemned to exile onDevil’s Island; his case arouses a notable echo in France as long as Dreyfus he is Jewish.

A year later, the officer Georges Picquart, formerly superior of the same Dreyfus, is appointed head of the secret services section of the French army; the man, with anti-Semitic feelings, is aware that the trial against Dreyfus it was rather sketchy due to its origin. However, noting some irregularities in the case file, he decides to conduct an investigation to verify the man’s guilt.

Picquart turns out that the so-called slip, that is, the document that would prove guilt, was not drawn up by Dreyfus, like the graphologist Alphonse Bertillon he had declared, but by another soldier: Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy. According to him, he is the real spy, but the evidence has been examined with bias and even falsified to the detriment of Dreyfus.

Picquart convinced of the innocence of Dreyfus and try to reopen the process to clear it and stop it Esterházy, but met with opposition from his superiors: to confess the innocence of Dreyfus would result in a great scandal that would lead to the discovery of corruption in the army, while the man, as a Jew, is the perfect scapegoat. Picquart he was then dismissed from his duties and sent on a mission outside Paris; however, he manages to come back and tell his lawyer friend everything Louis Leblois, which begins to organize a committee for the rehabilitation of Dreyfus, involving the colleague Fernand Labori, parliamentarians and intellectuals, including the famous writer Emile Zola.

The insubordination of Picquart led to his arrest, but on the same day Zola publish in the newspaper Dawn the article titled I accuse, which would become famous, where he ferociously criticized the irregularities in the trial of a Dreyfus and lays bare all the faults of those involved in the case.

final spoiler

Following the testimony of Henry, Picquart is acquitted and released, while Dreyfus he is repatriated for a second trial. Shortly before the decisive hearing, the lawyer Labor comes under attack and is unable to defend itself Dreyfus. The man is sentenced again, but the sentence to be served is lightened by the recognition of the mitigating circumstances. In 1899, the Prime Minister granted him pardon: Picquart he would like to keep fighting to prove his innocence, but Dreyfusexhausted, he accepts it. Seven years later, there will be a complete acquittal and reintegration into the army.

In 1907 Picquart he was appointed Minister of War, also thanks to the recognition of the miscarriage of justice to his detriment. Dreyfus he asks for a hearing and protests because the years during which he unjustly served his sentence are not recognized, preventing him from reaching the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Picquart he cannot make this concession because the political climate has changed again, which provokes the indignation of Dreyfus. The two men greet each other respectfully, never to see each other again.

The last officer and spy movie

The Officer and the Spy Movie – The Full Cast

Below is the cast of the film The Officer and the Spy and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Jean Dujardin: Lieutenant Colonel Marie-Georges Picquart
  • Louis Garrel: Cap. Alfred Dreyfus
  • Emmanuelle Seigner: Pauline Monnier
  • Gregory Gadebois: Major Hubert-Joseph Henry
  • Mathieu Amalric: Alphonse Bertillon
  • Melvil Poupaud: Fernand Labori
  • Eric Ruf: Collar. John Sandherr
  • Lawrence Stocker: General Georges-Gabriel de Pellieux
  • André Marcon: Emile Zola
  • Michel Vuillermoz: Lieutenant Colonel Armand du Paty de Clam
  • Denis Podalydes: Edgar Demange
  • Damien Bonnard: Desvernine
  • Wladimir Yordanoff: General Auguste Mercier
  • Didier Sandre: General Raoul Le Mouton de Boisdeffre
  • Vincent Grass: General Jean-Baptiste Billot
  • Herve Pierre: General Charles-Arthur Gonse
  • Laurent Hammer: Cap. Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy
  • Vincent Perez: Louis Leblois
  • Luca Barbareschi: Philippe Monnier

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