The Matrix Resurrections cast share their first reactions to the film’s plot

Love might not be all you need, but it sure helps. It helps so much, in fact, that when many actors in the next movie Matrix resurrections read the script, they were struck with deep and sincere emotions for the characters and the script of what will be the fourth installment of the inauguration Matrix franchise.

At the end of the last film, Matrix revolutions, the public considered Neo (Keanu reeves) gave his own life to bring peace between humans and machines. New insights to come Resurrections showed us a very lively Neo who led life as Thomas A. Anderson who apparently has almost no memory of what happened to him. However, nothing is ever as it seems. There are also questions around Carrie-Anne Moss‘, Trinity, who also met death in the third film but will star alongside Reeves in Resurrections. It appears that, like Neo, Trinity has no recollection of what happened in The Matrix and therefore does not recall her deep, loving connection with Neo, a central plot point for the early films.

In a recent interview with GE, Reeves spoke about the kind of emotion that went into the director Lana wachowskithe vision for how the new movie would play out and how the love story between Neo and Trinity would serve as the backbone of the plot. Reeves mentions that he thinks part of the reason the film went into production was “the feeling that this is a love affair between Trinity and Neo.” When Wachowski first called John wick Star an idea of ​​the script for the new installment, Reeves said, “It was one of those phone calls where even though you’re at home, you get up.”


During the making of the film, it quickly became apparent that Wachowski would take a different approach than she took with the first three installments. Reeves said the director “was more involved in the movement of the camera and was more interested in doing than rehearsing,” which resulted in more real and emotional experiences on the film.

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Moss went on to describe his place in the film as a chance to bring Wachowski’s love to life. Of this, the actress said: “I have never felt this before, where I could see that I am an extension of her heart playing this role.” New for the franchise actor Jonathan groff (Frozen, Spring awakening), added: “When I read the script for this movie, I cried, because the thought of watching these two iconic actors in these two iconic parts come back and fight to find their love again destroyed me. . “

Fans won’t have to wait any longer to see how the unforgettable love story between Trinity and Neo plays out when Matrix resurrections hits theaters on December 22.

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