“The Idea Of You” by Anne Hathaway, film by Harry Styles: plot, release date, distribution

Anne Hathaway is set to star in a film adaptation of a Harry Styles fan-fiction novel! The upcoming movie The idea of ​​you is based on 13 Continue 30 popular debut novel of the same name by actress Robinne Lee. Plot ? Read on for more details.

Anne Hathaway will play Solène Marchand. (Photo by: commons.wikimedia.org)

The idea of ​​you follows Solène Marchand, a 39-year-old woman dealing with the fallout of her divorce. She has a young daughter who wants to go to Coachella and see her favorite boy band, August Moon. There she meets one of the band members, Hayes Campbell, who is the character based on Harry Styles. And the two immediately felt an attraction for each other that blossomed into a real relationship. Their intriguing relationship has become a “viral sensation” and Solène and her daughter must deal with the consequences of being attached to a famous person.

Solène March will be interpreted by Anne Hathaway while an actor for the role of Hayes Campbell remains to be confirmed.

The idea of ​​you is expected to begin production by October 2022. Stay tuned for updates on the Amazon Prime movie release in Singapore!

(Cover photo from: commons.wikimedia.org)

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Andrea G. Henderson