The best scenes from famous casino movies

If you are a movie buff, you are well aware that some excellent movies have featured casinos over the years. They document the ups and downs of the game and often the inner workings of such an enterprise. And, while the movies are great, there are always scenes that stand out, and those are usually the parts that get talked about for a while afterwards.

When James Bond almost died in Casino Royale

Casino Royale is undoubtedly one of the greatest Bond films of all time for many reasons. As everyone knows this is a remake of an original from years ago but with new life breathed into it it really hit the spot in terms of the emotional roller coaster that he delivered. The film, released in 2006, sees Bond take on terrorist financier Le Cipher, whom he defeats in a high-stakes game of poker to preserve global security. But it’s arguably a scene before this one that stands out, as Bond is poisoned and forced to resuscitate in his car. Thank goodness these days anyone looking for the thrill of betting just has to visit longtime casino brands like the famous Gala Casinowhich are guaranteed to have the best games including Texas Hold ‘Em!

Alan saves the day at the casino in the hangover

The Hangover, as far as comedies go, is one of the best, and you might say, a game-changer, based on how comedy movies have gone since 2009, when The Hangover went out. In the film, the guys, known as The Wolfpack, are stay at Caesars Palace, a famous casino, and their friend Doug has been taken hostage. So, to raise funds to free Doug, Alan heads to the blackjack table. And, believe it or not, Alan beats the dealer multiple times to get the money needed to secure Doug’s safe release. However, after this scene, things backfire, as Dough, unfortunately, isn’t Doug, but the wrong guy, so Alan’s efforts were in vain.

The Brothers At The Casino In Rain Man

It’s hard to find a better casino-related movie than Rain Man, because not only is there plenty of gambling action, but it’s paired with a fantastic story. Rain Man tells the story of two estranged brothers who are reunited, one of them, played by Dustin Hoffman, being autistic but very good at counting cards, a technique used to beat casinos. And, as you’d expect, the duo head to Vegas hoping to amass a fortune. Arguably the best scene is when they’re at the casino and seen on the escalator, but many others stand out. What is also interesting is that Rain Man, released on screens in 1988, is one of the first films where the action was filmed in a real casino.

What the scenes mentioned above show is how bad casino movies have been and continue to be. These are movies that often have several standout scenes, and it’s the type that you remember for a long time and discuss with others. That’s why so many films of the genre make it into people’s top ten lists.

Andrea G. Henderson