The best and worst food in movie scenes

Bruce eats all that chocolate cake in Matilda literally made me cry.

We all know not to shop on an empty stomach, but sometimes that logic applies to watching movies as well.

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Whether it’s making you very hungry or sickening, food scenes in movies can definitely leave an impression. So here are 11 scenes that made me salivate, and 10 that I disagreed with.


Let’s start tasty, and what better than the Harry Potter parties?

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I remember in The Philosopher’s Stone, the feast scene made me want to go to Hogwarts even more. Seeing the piles of food appear out of nowhere was like a childhood (and adult TBF) dream.

I also have to shout out butterbeer, this stuff looks amazing.


However, feasting isn’t always fun – like Denethor in The Lord of the Rings proven.

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Yes, I was afraid of Shelob. Yes, Bilbo’s spooky moment freaked me out – but this scene made me very uncomfortable. How can anyone make eating seem so sinister? ! From the bloody tomato juice dripping down her chin to the cracking of chicken bones, this scene really turns your stomach.

Oh, and the fact that we’re hearing Pippin’s poignant melody and simultaneously watching a hopeless ride into battle makes it worse.


On a more pleasant note, the Imaginary To hang up the food looked absolutely delicious.

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There’s something about the way they convey how hungry they are in this scene that makes the food they act out so delicious. The appearance of this strange plasticine-like food does nothing to me be less hungry.


About pure imagination – while both Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and Charlie and the chocolate factory provided delightful moments, they also provided us with sickening scenes.

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They really do the full caricature on Gloop, don’t they? I know the fact is that greed leads to bad things, but wow. There are two specific scenes in the Charlie and the chocolate factory remake that makes chocolate disgusting, which is no small feat I tell you!


Even if they turn into pigs because of it, the Taken away as if by magic the food (especially the dumplings) always makes me so hungry.


Oddly, even if it sends the same message in terms of greed, I’d be happy to turn into a pig for those dumplings! Studio Ghibli managed to make the food incredibly appetizing, and I have to mention the breakfast in Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle too much.


But I can’t watch Matilda not to dread the Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake scene – it makes me feel disgusting.

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In fact, I’ve seen people say that this chocolate cake looks delicious, and to those I say, are you watching the same scene as me?!

First, the cook said she had put “blood, sweat and tears” into it – which as a child, of course, I took at face value. But also the whole vibe of that scene with Trunchball looking over his shoulder makes that cake look horrible.


On a savory note, the preparation of the prison dinner in Freedmen makes me dream of home/prison Italian cooking!

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“He had this wonderful system for making garlic. He used a razor and he cut it so fine that it liquefied in the pan with just a little oil. To this day, every time I chop garlic Garlic, I’m thinking of that scene. And with the illicit bread and the sauce simmering, it only excites the taste buds!

Gotta wink at the sauce all day from the same movie when Henry rushes in, I’d eat that too.


On the other hand, the spaghetti with sweets from Elf is another scene that cuts my appetite.

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I don’t know how anyone can look at this and think anything other than “bleuugh”. It’s not just the path he eats it here (although that plays a huge role), but come on, sweets and spaghetti are just a sickening thought.


What IS delicious is literally all the food of Chief – homemade pasta with Cubanos.

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This movie is a no-no if you haven’t eaten. The way John Favreau’s character talks about food gets the taste buds working, and every time they do something new, I want to try it. The filming of his grilled cheese being made and the donuts of Café Du Monde remain engraved in the memory.


Cheese is not always appetizing, because Borrowers proven.

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All the chasing of the milk bottle and then all that cheese falling on John Goodman as he slipped made me feel very uneasy as a kid. It really put me off cheese.


The ram of Parasite touches my weak point: the noodles.

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When a suspenseful, frantic scene in a movie makes you hungry, it must be something delicious. Despite the sequence revolving around a manic struggle, fight and imprisonment, there is something about these thick and sticky noodles that make me very hungry. Is it bad?


Here’s one that does NOT make me hungry – dinner time at Horror movie 2.

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The whole “my germs” thing – no! Looking back, that movie seems like it didn’t hold up, but I remember at the time I didn’t feel that dinner scene.


Another movie full of food that looks better than it probably is – Pulp Fiction.


I’ve had plenty of vanilla shakes, I’ve had plenty of burgers, but the five dollar shake and the Big Kahuna Burger in pulp Fiction look and sound so much better. This movie is actually peppered with food mentions – with the dinner scene at the start and the “cheese royal” discussion as well.


But something that looks as bad as it sounds is the gloop they eat in The matrix.

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There are plenty of reasons why this movie might be somewhat disconcerting, but the gloopy food they eat is definitely off-putting. The description as “a bowl of snot” is an image I didn’t need.


The ratatouille in Ratatouille is another movie meal that has me drooling.

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The way he breaks down Anton Ego’s cold, vampiric exterior and turns him into a little boy who loves food again really touches me. I don’t care who or what cooked the ratatouille, I would definitely put my teeth into it!


But a bustling, less-hungry dining scene comes from Shrek 2.

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In the first movie, we see his eye-catching cocktail and the slug-shaped dinner party, but I have to say that this grand feast fit for a king and queen is much worse. I think a continuing theme among these dark food scenes involves the crunching of things like bones and shells, and there are plenty of those here. Plus, awkward masculinity is off-putting on its own.


Why raw onions in Holes looks so good?!

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I marvel at how certain movies can make the worst foods delicious. If someone asked me if I’d like raw onions straight out of the ground, I’d be like no way! But somehow, after climbing God’s Thumb and finding an oasis of running water and fresh onions, they make those veggies look amazing.

In addition, the broken and dusty bottle of Sploosh under the boat is also very beautiful. Maybe I need to go more into the desert?


Mr Bean’s Vacation gave us an example of oyster eating in its most sloppy and horrible form.

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Who eats oysters with elegance? Probably nobody. That being said, Rowan Atkinson does a hell of a job of making them look as gross as possible. And then again with the cracking of the langoustine, these noises really touch me!


On a much more elegant note, I have to mention the Mendl pastries of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Wes Anderson always creates visually stunning scenes, and Mendl’s bakes are simply gorgeous. These creamy, spongy pastries always make my mouth water – even the way they wrap them is super satisfying.


The whole bear sandwich sex scene in Bridesmaids is hilarious but certainly didn’t make me hungry.

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This post-ending scene came as a surprise to Ben Falcone who didn’t know it would be in the movie – or really that he was going to film the scene. “Next thing I know I have this turkey meat on my nipples and Melissa is like brushing and brushing them.”

After the whole food poisoning situation earlier in the clothing store, the food was never going to look appetizing. Something about processed meat circles on nipples doesn’t make the stomach work.


Of all the magical meals and divine delights in movies, one of my earliest memories of cinematic cooking was Edmund’s Turkish Delights in The Chronicles of Narnia.

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Is Turkish Delight worth betraying your family? Definitely not. I don’t even like Turkish delight! But I have to admit, as a kid looking at this frosting-dusted cube of sweetness, I was mesmerized. Sure, I’d try the treat later and realize it’s not my kind of thing, but they looked great.

Let me know your most memorable food scenes (for better or worse) in the comments below!

Andrea G. Henderson