The 6 best Batman movie scenes

Batman is far from the flashiest of superheroes. Unlike Green Lantern or The Flash who like to joke around and have fun even while working, Batman takes everything seriously – maybe even too seriously as his attitude in life suggests. So when he puts on his costume, he does it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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While he may not have the flair that some other heroes do, the Batman filmmakers are well aware that Bruce Wayne donning a costume symbolizes his transformation into the protector of Gotham. So, they’ve paid a lot of attention to this streak over the years, as the following moments show.

6 Batman (1989): Revealing the Secret

Batman dresses in Batman from 1989

In the now famous Tim Burton film, where Michael Keaton portrayed the caped crusader, Bruce Wayne donning his Batman costume is a major moment. The soundtrack intensifies as the compartment where Bruce keeps his costume opens and the iconic outfit is revealed to the world.

A series of detailed plans follows. Bruce puts on the utility belt, he shows his Batman symbol on his chest, and finally he lifts his head and proudly introduces himself as Batman. Keaton’s blue eyes slowly focus as the soundtrack continues to highlight the scene.


5 Batman Returns (1992): Coming Home

Batman has multiple costumes in Batman Returns

Michael Keaton’s second Batman movie is similar to the other sequels. It offers more villains, more action, and more Batman costumes. The dress up scene reveals that Bruce keeps multiple Batman costumes in one place. The door opens as the soundtrack plays, and Bruce resolutely walks in to choose a Batman costume from a variety of identical costumes. He also grabs his iconic mask and a pair of boots.

The next time the audience sees him, he’s already dressed and ready to jump into the action. This scene is a clever nod to the fact that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. As such, he can afford multiple versions of his costume.

4 Batman Forever (1995): Quick, Quick!

Batman puts his belt on in Batman Forever

Batman forever It might not have been Batman’s best movie, but there were some highlights. One of them was when Bruce Wayne, this time played by Val Kilmer, put on his costume. It’s fast and efficient as well as efficient. Bruce puts on his gloves, his signature cape slips off, he closes his belt. A detail of the bat symbol on his chest follows, just like in the 1989 film. Finally, he picks up his equally iconic weapon, a Batarang.

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Bruce collects other pieces of equipment that he uses in his fight against crime. Once he does, he’s ready for action. Interestingly, unlike the costume scenes mentioned above, the camera doesn’t show Bruce’s face as he puts on his costume. Instead, he focuses on the costume itself and Bruce’s choice of weapons, emphasizing his status as a superhero.

3 Batman and Robin (1997): Twice as much, with emotion

Batman and Robin dress in Batman and Robin from 1997

Batman and robin ended up being the movie that killed Batman on the big screen for almost a decade. George Clooney, who played the titular superhero, even apologized for making the movie at one point. Nonetheless, it also included a scene in which Batman dresses up to fight crime. But this time he’s not alone, as Robin does the same.

They put on their gloves, show the symbols on their chests, close their belts, put on their masks, choose their weapons and are ready to take action. Additionally, a surprise bonus scene follows with Batgirl doing the same. The composition of the scene proves that Batman no longer flies solo like he once did. It’s unfortunate that the scene also places a lot of emphasis on the heroes’ other bodily attributes, such as their, um, hindquarters.

2 Batman (1966): We Dress Up Happily

Batman and Robin Ride the Batmobile in the 1966 Batman Movie

the Batman The 1966 film had a totally different vibe than more recent films. Rather than dark and gritty, it was a cheerful, relaxed movie that felt familiar to those who grew up reading old Batman comics. The scene begins in a typical humorous fashion as Robin and Batman make their way quickly to the Batcave.

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They slide along the poles that lead them to the Batcave, and by the time they get to their feet, Bruce and Dick are already disguised as their superhero alter-egos. They jump into the Batmobile and go to the rescue to fight their enemies. The scene is fast-paced and fun, especially given the voiceover which makes it pleasantly overdone in a classic, campy, old-fashioned superhero style.

1 Batman Begins (2005): Dark and Urgent

Batman puts on his costume in Batman Begins

The Christopher Nolan trilogy offered its own take on the iconic superhero and his adventures. The movies were quick and dark, and the Batman costume scene fits that tone well. Batman knows he’s needed in town, so he doesn’t waste time putting on his costume.

In a series of quick shots, audiences see him putting on his gloves, snapping his belt, and picking up the Batarang along with other equipment. In the next moment, Batman flies, advancing rapidly through Gotham. This is how viewers know the action and the fighting is about to happen. The motivation for the film fits well with the fact that it was made in the 21st century, amid the rise of fast-action movies that wasted no time in storytelling.

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