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You know a movie is going to be good when it’s able to hook you in the first few minutes. FilmWeb make a list of the 13 best opening scenes. Here they are, listed:

1. “Saving Private Ryan”1998: American troops storm Omaha Beach during World War II. It is considered to be the most realistic portrayal of a wartime battle in film history.

2. “Jaws”, 1975: A woman is attacked by a great white shark. Even if you don’t see the shark, you hear its cries and John Williams’ iconic music.

3. “The Godfather”1972: A man asks by Marlon Brando character for help on her daughter’s wedding day. Portions of the opening dialogue are still quoted, such as “You come to my house on the day my daughter is to be married”.

4. “The Social Network”2010: It’s a dialogue between Jesse Eisenberg and Rooney Mara over a few beers in a Harvard bar.

5. “Inglorious Basterds”, 2009: Another dialogue scene, but this time it’s a man being questioned about a missing Jewish family. . . which hides under the floor of man.

6. “There Will Be Blood”, 2007: There is no dialogue. But we see Daniel Day Lewis the character hits oil, gets hurt and crawls for miles.

seven. “The matrix”1999: Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity is on the run from the police.

8. “The black Knight”, 2008: A group of men in clown masks rob a bank. We later see that the Joker is one of them.

9. “The Lion King”1994: It opens with “The Circle of Life”. Simba is born and presented in front of all the animals in the kingdom.

ten. “Conduct”2011: A car chase where we meet by Ryan Gosling character, who escapes from the scene of a crime.

11. “Touch of Evil”1958: A time bomb is placed in the back of a car, and we spend several tense minutes waiting to see when it will explode.

12. “At the top”2009: Carl and Ellie’s love story from childhood through old age, and finally, when Ellie dies, leaving Carl alone.

13. “Scream”1996: The shocking and untimely death of by Drew Barrymore character.

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Andrea G. Henderson