Terrifying movie scenes that don’t scare you

No outdated tactics, just pure discomfort.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed community what movie scenes made them feel deeply troubled without using fear of jumps, and a few blood-curdling gems have been included. Here are some of the best scenes mentioned.


In Paranormal activity 3, when the babysitter is working at the table and it looks like one of the kids is walking around with a sheet, but it turns out to be the ghost.

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“The scene is so tense because the whole time you argue, is it the kid wearing a sheet, or is it the ghost? … but maybe not.’ The camera pans several times, then when it finally turns behind her to look, the sheet collapses, confirming that it is a ghost. “



In Annihilation, when a mutated bear upsets the group using the voices of its victims.


In 28 weeks later, when Don abandons his family to escape the zombies.

Atomic fox

“The scene where Don (Robert Carlyle) runs away from the house, and you see the zombies across the field running towards him? Jesus Christ.”



In Thesilenceofthelambs, when Buffalo Bill uses night vision goggles to sneak up on Clarice.

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“It just freaks me out that he stalks her with every move, and she is so ignorant that he’s even there.”



In The foreigners, when the masked man lingers behind Kristen in the house.

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“Liv Tyler’s character is smoking, and the man with the bag over his head comes out of the darkness and looks at her. NO. I walked out of the theater and still haven’t seen him.”


“He appears so calmly in the dark hallway and just stares at her. There was no extra music or sounds added, but it makes my stomach fall every time.”



In Nocturnal animals, when Edward’s family is kidnapped in front of him.

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“The scene where Ray (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) forces Edward’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) family out of his car is terrifying. As a woman, it rocked me so much that I couldn’t sleep for a few. days thinking about it. “



In Purebred, when Lily accuses Amanda of murder while on drugs, then lies down with her.

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“We watch a drugged Amanda, but we can hear Lily upstairs murdering Amanda’s stepfather. Then Lily comes down and wipes the blood on Amanda to trap her. It’s such a tense scene.”

-dandelions silver


In Hereditary, when you can barely see Annie’s dead mother standing in the dark.


“At first she comes out of the room and the deceased grandmother is standing right there in the dark. No music or sound, but it really pissed me off.”



In Hereditary, when Peter wakes up and Annie is possessed, levitating in the corner.


“No fear of the jump. She’s right there in the corner of the ceiling, don’t move. You see her from the start of the scene, and she stays put all the time.”



In Run in fear, when Teresa meets the pedophile couple.

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“It makes my skin crawl to this day. It’s an underrated movie as a whole, but this particular scene – ugh, it occurs to me at random, and I haven’t watched it since. more than 10 years. “



In Curler, when today’s Seth’s body parts begin to disappear as his past is tortured.


In Silence, when Maddie is hiding by the tub and the viewer can see the window smash behind her.


“Maddie is facing the door, back to the tub. We are focused on her face, but we can see (not hear, as she is deaf and the sound is from her point of view) the glass shattering as the killer enters. in the tub by the window behind her. “



In Panels, when the daughter goes to her father’s room and casually tells him that there is a monster outside.

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She said, “There is a monster outside my room. Can I have a glass of water? “So casually. I was young when I first looked at it, and I was terrified.”

—Fold the greedy cheese


In Conspiracy, when Lorraine is doing the laundry and the wind blows a sheet out of the line, forming a frightening figure.


In Funny games, when Peter claims to be a friendly neighbor, but interacts with the victim he plans to torture later.

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“In one of the first scenes, Peter asks Ann to borrow some eggs. As she turns to grab them, he bangs his phone in the water in the kitchen sink so it won’t work. more later. He also wears rubber gloves so that no fingerprints are left anywhere. He’s so laid back about it and makes it look like it was completely by accident. It’s a shit movie, but worth watching. “



In Crazypeople, when Judy is tied up and one of the madmen comes looking for her.

Opening films

“He walks down the hall to kill her, walking slowly, dragging a pitchfork.”



In Trainspotting, when Renton hallucinates during his detox.

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“Renton hallucinating the dead baby on the ceiling while he detoxes won’t give the average viewer warm, fuzzy feelings. I’ve seen the movie many times, and I often skip this scene.”



In The invisible Man, when the antagonist lingers in the kitchen, removes a knife from the counter and sabotages Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) breakfast.

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“There are so many tense scenes where you try to ‘see’ if he’s there. The most stressful is when Elisabeth Moss is making breakfast. It’s a nice wide shot of the whole kitchen, and she goes about. his stuff, but you just KNOW he’s there. “



In the Coraline opening scene, when spooky metal hands build a doll.

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“There’s a childish song in the background. Nothing terrifying, per se, but those first five minutes freaks me out. Creepy intro for a children’s movie.”



In Others, when Grace sees her daughter as an elderly woman.

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“The ‘I’m your daughter’ scene.”



And finally, in Insidious, when “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” hits the record player, and a boy can be seen dancing and running around the house.

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“Right before, just as the woman walks through the laundry room, the boy can be seen right there, facing the wall. Super scary if you catch him.”


Andrea G. Henderson