Talented redditor recreates horror movie scenes with LEGO

A talented horror movie fan has recreated iconic horror movie scenes from The Exorcist, Halloween, The Shining and more with a LEGO set.

Lego Exorcist Halloween

A Reddit user by the name of Fictitouseli recreated iconic scenes from horror movies using Lego. The artist accurately recreated the iconic levitating scene from the popular ’70s horror film The Exorcist, Michael myers sitting in Halloween, and the famous “This is Johnny!” »Scene from The brilliant.

All three scenes are from iconic horror films ranging from the 70s to the 80s. During their time, the films all set the bar for horror films, although in hindsight they might not exceed the expectations of new viewers who have become accustomed to visual effects and scare modern horror films. However, these LEGO recreations serve as a reminder to fans of just how memorable these scenes were in their time.


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Fictitouseli also used two other scenes from much newer films that many may or may not recognize, The Ring and Insidious. The Insidious playtime comes from the scene with the scary poster and The ring has the scene where the girl came out of the well. Both films are popular with horror fans, and even the casual can recognize them. The Insidious poster cleverly uses Darth Maul in recess, which is a fun reminder for fans of popular culture. At the time of Insidious‘, many have compared the film’s entity to the dark Sith Lord.

What’s interesting is that these horror movies don’t rely on cheap jumping fears, bad storylines, clichés, or gore. Movies that have more situational, psychological, or atmospheric horror seem to be the ones receiving good reviews from critics and fans these days. The Haunting of Hill House, A quiet place, Don’t breathe, Get out, Environment, and We are just a few examples.

Another interesting thing is that previous horror movies were important in establishing iconic horror villains. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Scream the Ghostface killer, the Predator, Michael Myers, and even Jaws to some extent were all antagonists that many fans saw as the iconic horror characters who have returned for multiple sequels. The main characters usually changed for each sequel, but the villain was the recurring icon.

There aren’t many new villains in modern horror movies that have stuck with fans. The blind man Don’t breathe has grown in popularity, but he’s a far cry from the iconic Jason Voorhees, even though the film has been popular with critics. This proves that horror movies don’t need a mascot or a face to work well.

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Source: fictitiouseli / Reddit

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