Super Mario Movie Plot Leaks Online Is Exactly What You’d Expect

No, it wasn’t a fever dream. The cast announced for Illumination’s untitled Super Mario movie late last year was actually real. If you missed it, Jack Black is set to play Bowser, Charlie Day will play Luigi, and Anya Taylor-Joy will play Princess Peach, but the casting that sent the internet into complete blackout was the fact that Chris Pratt will play Mario.

Following the announcement, the internet quickly did its thing memorizing the whole debacle and although we’ve spent several months forgetting the whole lopsided affair, recent leaks have reminded us that the movie is both real and it’s will only reach us next year.

If you entered the recent Mario Kart 8 DLC on Nintendo Switch, take a look at the revamped tracks from their original counterparts.

During Giant Bomb’s GrubbSnaxx podcast, journalist and insider Jeff Grubb allegedly revealed the plot of the Mario movie that was allegedly leaked by test audiences. As with any rumor, this should all be taken with a pinch of salt until something official comes out, but that being said, the plot seems as wild as expected. Potential spoilers ahead.

The film is rumored to open with a fight between Mario and Donkey Kong. Mario then falls down a pipe and into the Mushroom Kingdom. Here we meet Bowser who kidnaps Princess Peach and destroys the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario teams up with Luigi to take down Bowser. Mario and Luigi end up chasing each other through a maze of pipes. Kamek and Yoshi fight over an old beef, and Bowser is eventually driven into a lava pool, and Mario and Luigi decide to start a plumbing business in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The plot is weird, but also quite what I expected? The movie should be a musical and maybe what excites me the most is the prospect of a plumbing song being sung by Mario and Luigi. Grubb went on to say that Mario and Luigi have Brooklyn accents and the movie is devoid of fart jokes…just in case you were wondering. I mean, I would see it, just for the chaos.

Andrea G. Henderson