Super Mario Movie Plot and Details Leaked

The mario the movie is still a long way off. Nintendo and Universal Pictures plan to release this ambitious film in August next year, but there’s very little information about the film’s story and details to give us an idea of ​​what’s going on. A new leak suggests that the mario film will follow a kind of “LEGO movie” inspired approach where the film tackles all kinds of fan-favorite moments while including a range of musical moments.

Mario and Luigi would have “Brooklyn” accents in the film and start out as slightly different characters with darker, worn and dusty clothes. As the film unfolds, they will slowly acquire the iconic looks we know.

In terms of plot, the film would contain cameos from dozens of characters in the Super Mario series. This includes enemies like Goombas, Koopas, and even Fuzzies and Ninjis. Characters such as DK Jr, Pauline and even Toadsworth will appear throughout the film. The full plot outline has also been leaked and I will share it below.







The film opens with narration by Charles Martinet as we review the various jobs Mario held over the years before joining the wrecking crew. He saves the mayor of Donkey Kong in the “real world” of New Donk City.

Nowadays, Mario is quite famous. When he hears of gorillas and turtles fighting in the sewers, he goes to investigate. Underground there are a ton of gorillas, some partying, some playing drums. Here he meets a grumpy older Donkey Kong but cannot communicate with him because he speaks Gorilla. They end up falling through a pipe teleporting them to the Mushroom Kingdom.

At some point, near the beginning, we hear the first “song” of the film. Here, Bowser sings as we see his younger years / his desire to take over Mushroom Kingdom. He then kidnaps Princess Peach, blows up Mushroom Kingdom and then heads to his ship. Mario and Captain Toad go on a trip to stop Bowser.

The second “song” of the film is about plumbing.

At one point, Luigi is worried because Mario has been gone for some time. He goes into the sewers but ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom, specifically the Forbidden Forest, where he meets Yoshi.

Mario goes to fight Bowser but is pretty badly beaten. Kamek drops him off the ship in the Forbidden Forest where he meets Luigi and Yoshi and it’s likely at this point that they get their new costumes with more iconic colors.

They head to Bowsers Castle and at some point they come across these 3 Bowser clones. These clones mostly tell jokes, but when defeated, they transform into this indescribable combination of enemies.

The final “song” occurs at some point before the final battle, and basically everyone sings here. Toads sing to save the princess, Mario and Luigi sing to keep hope alive, Bowser and Peach argue to the beat of the song.

At the end, Kamek gives Bowser a mushroom that makes him grow. It chases Mario and Luigi as they traverse a maze of pipes through different locations (a desert, an ocean, a forest, and a cloudy area have all been mentioned). Power-ups like the Fire Flower and Star make an appearance at this point in the film.

Yoshi has a history with Kamek (I believe it was mentioned that Kamek was the one who exiled him to the forbidden forest?) so they end up fighting. Kamek uses his urge to play with Yoshi by altering the environment.

At the end of the chase, they trick Bowser into crossing the final pipe, straight into his own lava pit.

After all, Mario decides to open a plumbing service in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The post-credits scene is the skeleton of Bowsers…

Andrea G. Henderson