Step Up: 5 Reasons I Miss The Dance Movie Series

Do you know what kind of movies I really miss? Dance films. And I’m not talking about musicals either. Yes, I like dancing a little AND singing a little. But what I miss even more are the straight hip-dancing, elbow-pumping, and neck-slapping movies we used to come back to in the early 2000s. What if there’s a series that has the most boogi, it was probably the Step Up movies, which helped propel Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan to stardom.

And while yes, I realize that there is no dearth of dance movies on Netflix, like Work It and Feel the beat, it is certainly not the same thing. In fact, I have five reasons why I really miss the Intensify series and wants it to make a major comeback. Do you want to dance with me and find out why? Yes? OKAY! So let’s do it!

robot man

The plots were ridiculously wonderful

So here’s the thing. Intensify wasn’t really the first party dance movie. Save the last dance was. Now before I jump down my throat and start conjuring up movies like Free of any tie Where Dirty dance (Or, if you’re one of the cool kids, Breakin ‘2: Electric Boogaloo), let me explain. What I mean is, Save the last dance was truly the first major dance film from the early 2000s to try to merge dance styles. In Save the last dance, we mixed ballet with hip-hop, and it all came together to create an unlikely romance. For 2001, anyway.

Well the first Intensify sort of imitated this idea of ​​the ‘bad boy’ and ballet dancer, but turned it around. It was the first film. fairly simple plot. But later films saw stories running through everything from underground tournaments to taking over a wealthy businessman’s neighborhood to forming a dance troupe called “the mob.” Honestly, if there is one show that I would compare her to with the path she ultimately took, it would be the Fast and furious franchise. And like the Fast series, she arguably got better the more she went mad.

Dance dance

They made it cool to love dancing

See. I like Free of any tie. In fact, I think the final dance scene contains some of the smoothest moves in the galaxy. The thing is, you probably aren’t going to find kids in the 2000s saying “Ohhhhhh! »To the dorky« children »dancing at the prom in Free of any tie. But you know what they might have said “Ohhhhhh!” To? This crazy scene with the clothes lit up in it Step up 3d. Or that massive dance scene at the end of Accelerate the revolution.

I mean, sure. Show as The masked dancer and Dancing with the stars are entertaining, but they are not cool. America’s best dance team was cool, but it was on the small screen. Intensify, with its explosive soundtracks and impressive choreography, made all of the robot slaps, kicks and noises, sounds and looks incredible. Who did not immediately want to start dancing after seeing a Intensify movie? I know I certainly did.



There are surprisingly many great characters in the Intensify films, since the main star is obviously dance. But arguably the best character of all is Moose, played by Adam Sevani. Introduced in the second film, the delightfully titled Stage 2: the streets (I still think the fourth movie should have been titled “Step Up 4 Your Rights”, but hey, a missed opportunity) Moose has become a major player in Step up 3d, and made an appearance in Accelerate the revolution and Intensify: while also.

And his dance steps have always amazed me. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t seem to be in the game, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Rather gangly and looking eternally young, Moose always stole the show and was usually in the foreground because he was just that good. Of course you can have your Channing Tatum, your “tWitch” or your Drew Sidora. But when it comes to Intensify, give me moose any day of the week. Ooh wee, this boy can dance!

Ohh la la

They made great date movies

At the heart of every Intensify the film is a love story. In fact, I would definitely call the first movie more of a romantic dance drama than a dance movie, as the focus was definitely more on romance than dancing. Later movies would rectify that (I’m sorry, but I don’t go to those kind of movies for romance), but even so, there was still some love interest in the middle of these stories, with some being more important than others. .

Having said that, I would call all Intensify movies of big date movies. The plots were straightforward enough that you could still sneak into a quick kiss and not miss much of the story, and the sexual tension was often through the roof, with the dancing being a good PG-13 substitute for the real sex. And after that, you could always talk about your favorite performances because they worked well for just about any demographic. I think I took my girlfriend then, my wife today every Intensify movie as they were always a good time. We both would like to see every movie in the series. So why not together?

Channing tatum

They were a point of reference for other dance films at the time

Remember when I said that Save the last dance started dancing in the 2000s? I lied. This distinction would probably go to Center stage, starring Zoe Saldana, which came out in 2000 and focused on a ballet academy. You are served, which focused on street dancing, also predated the first Intensify as it was released in 2004.

Corn Intensify was like the perfect fusion of those two ideas, and it pretty much became the de facto dance series of that period. Just think, most of the dance movies were one and done, or got a sequel straight to DVD like Save the last dance 2, Where Stomp the Yard: Homecoming. But I would say that Intensify pretty much set the benchmark for all other dance movies. So much so that you might even say, oh, it’s like Intensify but on a college campus. Or, it’s like Intensify, but with cheerleaders. It’s like that Intensify in the 2000s, and it’s such a shame we haven’t had a new movie since 2014. I mean, come on, folks! Bring dancing back to the movies! i want my Intensify 666: Dance, Lucifer, dance! It could happen!

But what do you think? Do you miss the Intensify as many series as me? Better yet, which is your favorite Intensify movie in the series (and yes, I know there was a TV series on YouTube Red)? Answer in the poll below. And for more info on the 2021 movies or even the 2022 movies, be sure to dance around here often.

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Andrea G. Henderson