Sonic the Hedgehog is the perfect movie series for Jim Carrey

With the release of the trailer for Sonic the hedgehog 2, fans can finally see more of Jim Carrey playing Dr. Robotnik looking more like the character we know from the game series. It’s clear Carrey is having a lot of fun with his role as Eggman, marking his return to more traditional and main roles after several years of silence. Since 2016, Carrey has only played small roles since starring in Kick Ass 2 as Colonel Stars and Stripes in 2013.


It’s no secret that Carrey reneged on the film before its release. In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Carrey, a staunch supporter of gun control, said the level of violence in the movie was something he couldn’t stand anymore. He refused to advertise the film and ultimately the film failed. With a change of director and excessive violence seemingly just for fun, Kick Ass 2 failed to regain the feeling of the original. After his turn in Kick Ass 2, Carrey disappeared from the radar, appearing in only 5 feature films between 2013 and the release of Sonic the hedgehog in 2020.

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His absence from the spotlight cannot only be attributed to his experience with Kick Ass 2Behind the scenes, Carrey also had a tumultuous time. A longtime depression sufferer, he has also seen many relationships come and go and experienced more than his share of tragedy. Such an eventful personal life coupled with his conflicting career beliefs undoubtedly contributed to his disappearance from the limelight.

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When it was revealed that Jim Carrey would play Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the hedgehog some fans were skeptical. Some feared he would play the character seriously after his streak of more serious roles. Some couldn’t see him in the role purely on the basis of appearances. The first sequence put those fears to bed as Carrey seemed to revert to his slapstick and over-the-top comedy roots. The trailer saw him contort his face, get zapped by Sonic’s speed force, and dance around his mobile lab, echoing the first performances that made him a star. Robotnik is a larger than life character and Jim Carrey lives up to that in his performance.

In the world of Sonic the hedgehog movie, Sonic is an alien on the other side of the universe and Dr. Robotnik is employed by the government to hunt him down. Right off the bat, the public is made aware that Robotnik is on the eccentric side, with government officials making it clear that they don’t want to call him. From his first appearance on the screen, Carrey holds the role. Stepping out of his mobile lab, dressed in black and sporting a majestic mustache, he immediately commands all the attention. He goes from masquerading as a robot to an authoritative figure and reverts to a manic presence within a minute.

As the movie progresses, we see Robotnik becoming more and more manic and desperate to get his hands on Sonic and his power. Carrey slowly ramped up his performance, becoming completely obsessed with the blue blur. The first Sonic movie isn’t just about establishing Sonic on planet Earth and creating a believable setting to bring the video game series to life, it’s also about establishing Dr. Robotnik as the series’ villain. It’s about cultivating the friction and obsession Robotnik has with Sonic.

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The world of the Sonic franchise is fast-paced. It’s bombastic and it’s manic. These are all the things audiences have come to love Jim Carrey for. The franchise and the character of Robotnik allow Carrey to be as over the top as possible. Eggman has always been a strange character in a strange franchise. The enduring popularity of a super-fast hedgehog is a bit confusing to outsiders, as is the popularity of Jim Carrey to some. Now that the franchise’s second installment is upon us, fans can see Carrey taking the role one step further.

The end of the first movie saw Robotnik stranded on a mushroom planet, his attire more like the video game version of the character. His journey through the universe also sees him losing his hair and acquiring the bushy mustache for which Robotnik is famous. From the sequel trailer, it’s clear that Robotnik returned to Earth and discovered the Chaos Emeralds in the process. He’s decidedly more evil, unleashing the power of the emerald over Green Hills and taking Knuckles with him. It’s clear Carrey is still enjoying his role, chewing on the scenery and giving all he can. Sonic and Carrey are both exaggerated personalities, and maybe Carrey’s choice as Robotnik was the perfect couple.

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