Sofia Coppola reveals her favorite movie scenes

Sofia Coppola, director of Lost in translation and seduces him, has revealed his all-time favorite movie scenes.

The Oscar-winning writer and director broke down her ten favorite scenes on the BBC Kinematics of life with Edith Bowman, divided into categories like Sound Design, Perfect Cast and Perfect Performances.

Lost in translation was particularly inspired by a scene between Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson in the 1945 film Brief meeting. The scene in question won Coppola the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Talk about Brief meeting, she said: “It was a great inspiration to me when I was writing Lost in translation. Just the intense emotion between these two characters. Very little is said, and you feel so much in a single gesture or a pause.

Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson in ‘Brief Encounter’ Credit: AllStar / Alamy

“It’s so moving, but it’s all below the surface. Maybe it’s very English? But I love this.

Other director’s picks include scenes from the 1951s A place in the sun, Aquarium with Michael Fassbender and Kate Jarvis, Nicole Kidman’s performance in Die for, and 1995 Safe with Julianne Moore.

You can check out the full roster here, or watch the episode of Kinematics of life on BBC iPlayer.

Coppola’s last film was the comedic drama On the rocks, starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones as a father-daughter duo who are wary of the loyalty of the latter’s husband (Marlon Wayne).

NME The four star review reads: “On the rocks does not end with any particular moral teaching, and its seemingly happy ending seems somewhat disappointing. But when you look back on the ride Murray and Jones took us on, it’s all worth it. “

Andrea G. Henderson