Sadoun and Lévy recreate movie scenes in Publicis’ vacation video

Publicis Groupe’s holiday video “Wishes” reaches new heights in humor stakes this year, with CEO and Chairman Arthur Sadoun and his predecessor Maurice Lévy hilariously inserted into classic film and TV scenes.

The film, an annual tradition for employees that gives the heavyweights of the holding company the opportunity to show their lighter side, sees them appear in scenes from “Titanic”, “ET”, “The Shining”, “The Sound of Music “. and more, all in the name of promoting the Group’s new initiative “Work your World”.

The video begins with Sadoun and Lévy discussing their options with the policy, introduced earlier this month, which allows employees to work anywhere in the world for six weeks per year, with more than 100 countries to choose from. where the company has offices.

First Lévy suggests New York; we see him dancing as the Joker on the famous steps in the movie, then the two are grabbed by “King Kong” and taken over the Empire State Building.

They then imagine the different destinations they could choose: a cruise trip? Mountains? A ski chalet? Korea? THE? It all leads to scenes that are almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud (Ad Age staff certainly did.). You can make a selection of your favorites; from the pair recreating Jack and Rose’s iconic embrace on the ship’s front in “Titanic”, to Levy as creepy twins in “The Shining”. Or there’s Sadoun in “ET” on the front of Elliott-Lévy’s bike, singing “The Hills are Alive” as “Maria” in “The Sound of Music” or channeling John Travolta in “Pulp Fiction” (with a frankly rather surprising resemblance).

The pair also appear on the highway in biker mode in “Easy Rider”, running dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park” and as drag artists in “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. But these are not just movies; in a very 2021 reference, they are also dressed as two key participants of “Squid Game”, with Sadoun joking “I’m tired of my workplace… but I’m not tired of my life!”

The video was created by New York-based Publicis agency Le Truc, and produced by its production arm Prodigious Group. We’re told that the production team used Deep Fake technology to make some scenes in the film look lifelike, including “The Shining” and “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.

As well as highlighting its new talent retention tool policy for employees, the video provides a much-needed dose of comedy after another year of the roller coaster pandemic.

“This is traditionally the time of year to look back and reflect on the past,” Sadoun said in a statement. “But after another 12 difficult months for our people, we wanted to look to the future with them, offer a new perspective and hope to make them smile. Our 2022 wishes are an invitation not only to ‘work your world’, but to create, hopefully, the kind of amazing memories many of us have missed over the past couple of years. ”

Andrea G. Henderson