Reenact Romantic Movie Scenes at These 5 Portland Restaurants

The “Bella Notte” of the Lady and the Tramp: by Gabbiano

Got a new girlfriend? Don’t forget to visit your friends at Gabbiano’s, NE Killingsworth’s Italian-American newcomer, so they can meet her and give you the best spaghetti and meatballs – heavy on meatballs – and meatballs. Red wine. Use your nose to roll the last meatball on its side of the plate for maximum sparkle in those puppy eyes. 5411 NE 30th Ave

The Jack Rabbit Slim scene in pulp Fiction: The courtyard milkshake bar

Want to know what a five dollar milkshake looks like, I mean $18.63? Put on your white shirt and bolo tie and head to the Yard Milkshake Bar, a national restaurant Shark Aquarium-funded chain that opened its first Pacific Northwest location on the Vancouver waterfront. Specialty milkshakes cost nearly $20 a pint, significantly more expensive than a $5 shake in 1994 (with inflation, $5 would equal $9.41 today). But unlike Uma Thurman’s “Martin and Lewis” vanilla shake which is, as John Travolta says, nothing more than milk and ice cream, it’s topped with toppings stacked like a chocolate cake. with whipped cream and orange marshmallow creme, or a whole slice of cheesecake with crushed graham crackers, strawberry filling and whipped cream. 656 Waterfront Wy, Vancouver

Burgers at the counter Goodwill hunting: Fuller’s Coffee

You don’t have to be a math whiz to take your date to Fuller’s, belly up to the counter for a burger and fries, and give your chuckling British-accented date a maid’s kiss. night – but don’t forget to slip them a bit of your pickle. Bonus points if you bring a Bluetooth speaker and play “Say Yes” by Portlander Elliott Smith in the background. 136 NW Ninth Avenue

Cuban sandwich cart in Chief: Havana train station

Looking to rekindle things with your ex? There’s nothing quite like professing your love on the phone to the din of Cuban sandwiches sizzling on the griddle so you can pretend you’re saying something else when you really said “I love you.” 7238 SE Foster Road

Breakfast dates in 50 first dates: Waffle Window

Does your love like to build houses with waffles? Does the object of your desires also suffer from memory problems? Look no further than Waffle Window, whose Belgian-style square waffles are especially good for construction projects, squeaky hinged door included. 3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Andrea G. Henderson