New Star Wars book to explain the rise of Skywalker movie plot holes

A new linked novel will finally explain the plot holes in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Luke Skywalker’s first book set around the sequel era.

A new Star wars book will finally explain the holes in the plot of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Lucasfilm closed the sequel trilogy with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but unfortunately it didn’t land the way the studio would have liked. The lack of a comprehensive plan for the sequel era meant the narrative felt contradictory, with steep course corrections. The most glaring issue was the unexpected return of Emperor Palpatine, with the film itself providing no answer as to how he survived his apparent death in Return of the Jedi.

It was incumbent on the related media to try and fix Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerthe plot holes. Kylo Ren’s true origin story was explored in Charles Soule The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book mini-series, while the novelizations confirmed that Palpatine’s spirit lived inside a clone body and provided much more detail about the Dyad Force. More recently, Marvel Comics attempted to weave elements of the sequel trilogy into the Classic Era, revealing that Darth Vader knew of Exegol’s existence and introducing Ochi from Bestoon, the Sith assassin destined to kill the parents of Rey. Marvel’s attempts to fix Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker were not entirely successful, ironically introducing even more inconsistencies, but they clearly laid the groundwork for further development.


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Now, Lucasfilm has officially announced a new novel that will essentially serve as a prequel to the set Star wars sequel trilogy, focusing on Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian’s quest for the hidden Sith redoubt of Exegol, and their pursuit of Ochi from Bestoon. Written by Adam Christophe, Shadow of the Sith will be released on June 28, 2022. Here’s the synopsis:

Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian return in this must-see novel between Return of the Jedi and the force awakens.

The Empire is dead. Almost two decades after the Battle of Endor, the tattered remnants of Palpatine’s forces have fled to the far reaches of the galaxy. But for the heroes of the New Republic, danger and loss are omnipresent companions, even in this newly forged era of peace.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is haunted by visions from the dark side, predicting a disturbing secret unfolding somewhere in the depths of space, about a dead world called Exegol. The disturbance in the Force is undeniable… and Luke’s worst fears are confirmed when his old friend, Lando Calrissian, comes to see him with reports of a new Sith threat.

After his daughter was stolen from his arms, Lando searched the stars for the slightest trace of his lost child. But each new rumor only led to dead ends and waning hopes, until he crossed paths with Ochi of Bestoon, a Sith assassin tasked with kidnapping a young girl.

Ochi’s true motives remain hidden from Luke and Lando. For on a dump moon, a mysterious envoy from the Eternal Sith bequeathed a sacred blade to the assassin, promising that it will give him answers to the questions that haunt him since the fall of the Empire. In return, he must complete one final mission: return to Exegol with the key to the glorious revival of the Sith, Darth Sidious’ granddaughter himself, Rey.

As Ochi chases Rey and her parents to the far reaches of the galaxy, Luke and Lando embark on the mystery of the lingering shadow of the Sith and help a young family run for their lives. “

Star Wars Shadow of the Sith

Shadow of the Sith innovates for Star wars, because it is the first Luke Skywalker novel to be told during this entire period; The closest Lucasfilm so far has been Ken Liu’s The Legends of Luke Skywalker, a collection of myths in the universe surrounding the legendary Jedi Master which, while containing fragments of truth, could not really be considered a canon. Plus, he’s Luke Skywalker before his fateful confrontation with Ben Solo and the destruction of the Jedi Temple, which means he might reveal secrets of his Jedi Order as well. It’s entirely possible that the story even ends up with a Charles Soule account. The Rise of Kylo Ren mini-series, because Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker seemed to imply that Palpatine had only just defeated Luke Skywalker before his plans were discovered.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how well Adam Christopher handles the unenviable task of dealing with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerthe plot holes. The groundwork has already been done by Marvel Comics, which has turned Ochi of Bestoon into a character in its own right, but it will have to build on that foundation. Some Star wars the links seemed as essential to the overall galaxy narrative as this one, but Lucasfilm has had some time to consider the implications and hopefully the story will solve some of the more troubling mysteries.

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