Netflix brings classic horror movie series back from the dead

Netflix has announced that it is bringing a new movie from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series to the streaming service. It doesn’t offer a release date, but it’s a movie that was already filmed last year – so you probably won’t have to wait too long to see it.

Netflix acquired the global rights to the film from Legendary Pictures, which means you should be able to watch it anywhere. It’s the first in the series since Leatherface in 2017, and stars Elsie K Fisher, Sarah Yarkin, and Jacob Latimore – and it bears the simple title of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What’s interesting is that it takes a similar approach to the 2018 Halloween movie, which skipped all the questionable sequels from the first film to present a more believable follow-up. This movie is set these days, but “goes back to the roots” of the original 1974 film by director Tobe Hooper, according to Netflix.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was an influential and important horror film, and saw Leatherface – a man wearing remains of human skin from his victims as a mask – chasing his victims with a chainsaw (the title reveals). Hooper himself made a sequel in 1986, but none of the subsequent entries in the series achieved the same critical success as the original, although some critics appreciated the 2017 origin story on the character of Leatherface.

David Blue Garcia is directing this new version, while Don’t Breathe director Fede lvarez produces it.

While Netflix doesn’t have an official release date for the film just yet, hopefully we’ll see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre land in time for Halloween.

Analysis: Horror is coming back into high gear

2021 is set to end as a solid year for horror films. In addition to the Fear Street series on Netflix – which wasn’t that scary, but turned out to be quite a spooky party for young viewers – the Candyman sequel has just hit theaters around the world.

Earlier this year, we saw the releases of the third film in the The Conjuring series and the flawed Saw revival film Spiral. July also brought us The Forever Purge, as theaters began to reopen after a long period of dormancy caused by the pandemic.

Saw and The Conjuring director James Wan will soon be releasing the horror film Malignant, designed to take Wan back to his independent horror roots. It hits theaters around the world and on HBO Max in the US on September 10. We also have the upcoming sequel, Halloween Kills, which has every chance of being the biggest horror movie event of the year.

Assuming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre releases this year on Netflix, 2021 will end up being a much bigger year for blockbuster-style horror than 2020. However, even that year we brought in highlights like The Invisible Man. , Relic, Possessor, His House, and Host – all of which must be on any horror fan mailing list.

Andrea G. Henderson