Movie scenes so depressing that there aren’t enough tissues in the world to wipe our tears

In the world of cinema, several scenes from films have touched our hearts. But there are a few that just made us scream like a baby! Here are some of the most moving movie scenes that left us with tears that kept falling!

Dead Poets Society – “O Captain, my Captain. When Neil commits suicide and the other students are forced to sign the documents suggesting that Mr. Keating could have contributed to it, their hearts crumble. However, they don’t let their teacher go without paying homage to him. The scene where they stand on their benches and greet Mr. Keating with “O Captain, My Captain” was one of the most touching scenes of all time.

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My daughter: When Vada learns that Thomas is no more, she can’t quite express her shock. Her helplessness and grief are manifested when she finally shows up for her funeral. The scene where she sees Thomas in the coffin and suddenly begs everyone to put their glasses on because he can’t see without them is truly heartbreaking.

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Train To Busan: When Seo Seok-woo is badly bitten by a zombie, he knows he’s going to change for the worse. For the sake of his daughter, he must sacrifice himself. Leaving his daughter in tears, he runs to the back of the train. It is here, in her last moments, that the memory of her daughter’s birth scrolls before her eyes.

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Big Fish: Will doesn’t believe the story of his father’s life filled with werewolves, witches and so on. However, when Will’s father is diagnosed with paralysis, Will is asked to create the end of his father’s life story. In his end, everyone who took part in his father’s journey gather to say goodbye to him. A truly tearful and heartwarming end!

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The Blind Side: When Anne shows Michael his new room, he says he never had one before. To this, Anne asks: “A room? to which Michael replies: “A bed”. The scene never fails to give you an emotional punch in the face!

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The breadwinner: When the Taliban arrest Parvana’s father, she disguises herself as a boy for a living. The part of the movie where Parvana cuts her long black hair is one of the saddest scenes. The film always ends on a very ambiguous note. The life of Parvana’s family is uncertain, and one can’t help but think how much more difficult it must be for them.

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Forrest Gump – Death of Bubba: Forrest Gump has several scenes that are an emotional rush. But neither of them can be so sad when Bubba dies. Bubba wanted to be a captain for his mom someday, but he died too soon in the war. Her death really brought to mind all of those we lose in senseless violence and wars.

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The Notebook – Allie remembers Noah for a moment: when Noah nears the end of the notebook he’s reading to Allie, who has dementia, something amazing happens. She recognizes him. But this moment is short-lived as she soon succumbs to her dementia again. The look on Noah’s face and the scene itself couldn’t be more heartbreaking.

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Titanic – Jack’s Death: When Jack and Rose find themselves in the freezing Atlantic, they find a piece of wood panel that only has room for one. Jack lets Rose get on the set and stays in the freezing waters. However, by the time someone finds them, Jack is already frozen to death. The scene where we see Jack sinking into the depths of the Atlantic breaks our sad hearts into little millions of pieces forever.

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