Movie My Sister’s Keeper, plot, actors, cast, finale, filming location

Two spouses give birth to a baby girl, tailor-made to treat their sister suffering from leukemia.

A5 offers today the film entitled My Sister’s Keeper. It is a dramatic genre film with an atmosphere of tragedy.

The manufacturing is united states of americathe year of realization is 2009 and the duration is one hour and 46 minutes.

Film My Sister’s Keeper – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Nick Cassavetes. The main protagonists are kate And Anna Fitgerald interpreted respectively by Sophie Vassilieva And Abigail Breslin. Also in the cast Cameron Diaz in the role of Sara Fitzgerald.

Filming took place in United Statesin particular a Los Angeles in the territory of California.

The manufacturing is Grumpy Movies in collaboration with Gran Via Productions And Mark Johnson Productions.

The original title is My Sister’s Keeper.

Movie My Sister's Keeper where it is filmed

My sister’s keeper – plot of the film broadcast on La5

The plot has as protagonists brian And Will belittle girl’s parents Kate Fitzgerald diagnosed with severe leukemia.

To be brian this Will be they are considering the possibility of being able to donate blood and bone marrow themselves. But they are incompatible, just like their brother Jesse. The doctor you treat kate suggests that they give birth to another daughter in order to be compatible with future donations to be reserved for kate.

Like that brian And Will be bring to the world Anne. From an early age, the child is subjected to interventions, samples and examinations all aimed at helping kate.

However, at the age of 11, Anne begins to feel exploited. When asked to donate a kidney, she decides to go to a law firm to be exonerated.

Meanwhile, the conditions of kate they are getting worse and worse. Will be however, he does not give up. He resumed his activity as a lawyer in order not to obtain the medical emancipation of Anne.

Also during this time kate he begins to feel guilty about what is happening to his sister. And he realizes that, in order to focus on his health, his parents are also neglecting his brother’s dyslexia. Jesse.

final spoiler

During the process Anne confess their fears. Corn kate opposed to kidney transplantation. The young girl is tired of living in such a dramatic and precarious situation. It is the same mother who unfortunately has to give up hugging her daughter in the last moments of her life.

The Last My Sister's Keeper Movie

My Sister’s Keeper – The Full Cast

Below is the cast of the film My Sister’s Keeper and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Sophie Vassilieva: Kate Fitzgerald
  • Abigail Breslin: Anna Fitzgerald
  • Cameron Diaz: Sara Fitzgerald
  • Jason Patrick:Brian Fitzgerald
  • Evan Ellingson: Jesse Fitzgerald
  • Alec Baldwin: Campbell Alexander
  • Heather Wahlquist: Aunt Kelly
  • Thomas Decker: Taylor Ambroise
  • Joan Cusack: Judge Joan De Salvo
  • Elizabeth’s Daily: Susan
  • Nicole Marie Lenz: Gloria
  • Emilie Deschanel: Dr Farquad
  • Jeffrey Markle: Dr. Wayne
  • G. Daily: nurse Suzanne
  • Matthew Barry: Uncle Tommy

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