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The film is based on the most famous film The Little Lord by Jack Gold.

Rai 1 offers today the film entitled Small woman. It is a drama genre film.

The manufacturing is Germany, the year of construction is 2012 and the duration is one hour and 40 minutes. The vision is open to a cross-sectional audience.

Film Little Lady – direction, protagonists, location

The direction is by Gernot roll. The main protagonists are Countess And Mrs. Hobbs interpreted respectively by Christiane Horbiger And Veronica Ferres. Also in the cast Philippa Schone in the role of Emily.
Filming took place in Germanyespecially in various places in the bavaria then in the territory of California.
The manufacturing is Lucky bird pictures in collaboration with Lotus Movie And Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF).
The original title is Die Kleine Lady.

Little Lady movie where it is shot

Film Little Lady – plot of the film shown on Channel 5

Emily Ernest she’s a brilliant little girl New York to finish XIXth centurywhere he lives with his young widowed mother in a poor neighborhood.
The little girl spends a lot of time in the shop of her friend, the former maverick opera singer Dolores Hobbs, who sometimes ends up in prison because of her advocacy for women’s rights. Actually Emily she is the only remaining heiress of the Countess von Liebenfels zu Arlingen.

The Countess was unlucky with her two children. One remained childless and died in infancy. The father of Emily he is her second son, and the stern noble will never forgive him for not marrying according to his rank and refuses any contact. But now that he too is dead and she wants to settle his estate, the Countess sends the family lawyer Moritz from Havenegg at New York let the granddaughter in Austria.

At the castle, Emily, separated from her mother, she must be brought up to be a worthy aristocrat, soon introduced into the world. In this strange world, the young girl meets a woman who is deeply helpless and fixed in her conventions. However, the confident little New Yorker isn’t put off by her grandmother’s austere facade.

final spoiler

With her lively and brilliant ways, Emily he brings new life into the old walls, and soon even the resolute Countess can no longer resist the open charm and sense of justice of the little lady. Then an impostor shows up and claims his son Alfred is the legitimate heir. But he fought her Dolores learn the deal one New York and don’t give up on her boyfriend Emily.

The Last Little Lady Movie

Little Lady movie – the complete cast

Below is the cast of the film Small woman and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Christiane Horbiger: Countess
  • Veronica Ferres: Mrs. Hobbs
  • Stefania Rocca: Malvina Farelli
  • Philippa Schone: Emily
  • Christiane Filangieri:Lucille Ernest
  • Xaver Hutter: Mr. von Havenegg
  • Paul Alhauser: Pauly Schwartz
  • Nino Bohlau:Alfred
  • Wolfgang Hinze: Teacher
  • Alexander Jagsch: Constable Collins

Andrea G. Henderson