Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-Husband Michael Lockwood Demands Answers Over Elvis Biopic Payday

Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-Husband Michael Lockwood Demands Answers Over Elvis Biopic Payday

The ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood, is searching for information on the amount Elvis’ daughter earned for her work on the biopic about her father.

As per court papers obtained by Radar, the struggling singer – that was in a relationship with Presley for more than ten years, The couple is requesting an upcoming court date to be moved back.

It was set for the 14th of March. Lockwood requested an appearance in court as he fights his ex-wife over monthly support payments

Lockwood says he is overwhelmed by debt and cannot afford the lifestyle he enjoyed with Presley.

It was her who was the one who filed for divorce in the year 2016. Lockwood isn’t receiving the amount she was due because Presley was in financial straits for a long time. She would like to take out a loan from Green Day Denver office.

A few years ago, the court decided not to grant any support due to Presley’s financial situation. However, Presley’s financial circumstances appear to be changing.

In the year 2019, Presley signed a $3-4 million contract to write a book about her late father and Michael Jackson. Lockwood believes that she received $1 million for 2020 in all. He claims she was paid at least $1.2 million through the Elvis trust.

Recently the court had has ordered Presley to make Lockwood the sum of $4500 in the form of child support to their two children, Finley and Harper. Lockwood is fighting to get the monthly support amount due to the belief that Presley earns a substantial amount of money.

Lockwood wants Presley to be able to testify in a sworn statement regarding her earnings.

In a new application, Lockwood is asking for the hearing to be held later in the month to be moved up to a later date to give him the time to examine Presley’s finances. Lockwood says he’s been working to put everything in order, but Covid hit him and his kids at the end of January.

Lockwood then reveals that he is seeking answers to the Elvis biopic that stars Austin Butler and is directed by Baz Luhrmann about her father. It is set to release in July.

The Elvis estate collaborated with producers on the highly anticipated film, which many believe will be an Oscar frontrunner.

“Additionally It has been made public in the last few days of the release of a major motion film concerning Petitioner’s father Elvis. It is our opinion that Petitioner will benefit from a significant financial gain as a consequence of this film. Further time is required to investigate that possibility,” Lockwood’s lawyer writes.

A judge is yet to make a decision.

Andrea G. Henderson