Like a thunder movie, plot, actors, actors, finale, where it is shot, location

A brilliant motorcycle rider suddenly learns that he is a father. The news changes his whole life.

Sky today offers the film entitled Like thunder. It is a detective genre film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is from the united states of america, the year of construction is 2012 and the duration is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Come un tuono film – direction, protagonists, location

The direction is by Derek Cianfrance. The main protagonists are Luc Glanton And Avery cross interpreted respectively by Ryan gosling And Bradley Cooper. Also in the cast Eva mendes in the role of Romina.

The shooting took place in United States, in particular a Schenectady In the state of new York.

The production is from the Sidney Kimmel Entertainment in collaboration with Electrical entertainment in the city, Likelihood And Focus Features.

The original title is The place Beyond the Pines.

Like a thunder movie where it's shot

Like a thunder – plot of the film aired on Heaven

The plot is protagonist Luc Glanton, a brilliant motorcycle rider who found work as a stuntman on several touring shows. His life changes completely when he gets to new York.

After playing in the planned show, he comes to visit her Romina one of his ex. The young woman admits that a son was born from their past relationship. Luc Glanton he grew up alone with his mother and unfortunately knows very well how difficult it is for a child to grow up without the reference of a father figure.

Upon learning that he has become a parent, he quits his job and asks a Romina participate in the child’s life. However, the woman is currently dating another man and initially does not agree to let him enter the child’s daily life.

Luke however he does not give up and finds a job in the workshop of a friend named Robin van der zee. However, the money earned at the end of the month is very small, and the only way to try to supplement the profit is to participate in a bank robbery.

Luke accepts this offer and offers to drive the motorcycle to escape the police after committing the heist.

Final spoiler

Once you have more money, Luke convince Romina often show him his son. However, the situation becomes more complicated when, following a series of events, Luc Glanton ends up in prison.

Like a final movie thunder

Like thunder – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film Like thunder and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Ryan gosling: Luke Glanton
  • Bradley Cooper: Croix d’Avery
  • Eva mendes: Romina
  • Rose Byrne: Jennifer
  • Ben mendelsohn: Robin Van Der Zee
  • Ray liotta: Peter Deluca
  • Mahershala Ali: Kofi
  • Harris yulin: At the crossroads
  • Dane dehaan: Jason Glanton
  • Bruce greenwood: Bill Killcullen
  • Emory cohen: AJ Croix
  • Gabe Fazio: Scott
  • Robert clohessy: Weirzbowski
  • Olga Merediz: Malena

Andrea G. Henderson