Last Night In Soho director Edgar Wright reveals his favorite movie scenes

Last Night in Soho filmmaker Edgar Wright offers a list of his favorite movie scenes that includes classics like Mad Max: Fury Road and Carrie.

Edgar Wright, whose latest film, Last night in Soho, which will be released next month, has revealed her all-time favorite movie scenes. Since his debut in 2004 with the horror comedy Shaun of the Dead, Wright has maintained a certain respect among fans and moviegoers. Wright’s cinematic style incorporates a wide range of influences and references, while injecting his own unique narrator voice.

Although Wright’s first film was technically his 1995 amateur western, A handful of fingers, the fact that it was never released means that only the most dedicated fans have seen it. As a result, Wright’s first two films are widely recognized as Shaun from Dead and Warm down – both of which are imbued quite deeply with classic horror elements. Back then, it was easy for many to assume that Wright was a new voice in horror cinema. And while that is to some extent true, it didn’t take long for him to start showing audiences just how talented he is. Movies like Scott Pilgrim vs the world and Baby Driver offered a whole other glimpse into Wright’s love for cinema, and although his next Last night in Soho comes back to horror, this time it’s more psychological in nature, with the kind of approach you find in classics like Repulsion Where Frenzy.


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So it’s clear to anyone who has paid attention to Wright’s films, that the 47-year-old has a deep respect for all things cinematic. He has spoken at length in the past about the various films that have influenced him or mean something to him, and anyone looking to broaden their cinematic knowledge would certainly do well to take Wright’s advice. Luckily, he’s back with a great list of his favorite movie scenes, courtesy of Far Out Magazine. The eight scenes listed below are chosen from a variety of categories and are the perfect mix of horror, action, suspense, and arthouse genres:

Favorite musical scene: An American werewolf in London

The best action sequence: Mad Max: Fury Road

The Perfect Title Sequence: Bullit

Favorite dance sequence: Ladies

The longest take: hard boiled

The best sound design moment: deli

The greatest voice over: Elevate Arizona

The best accumulation of suspense: Carrie

Edgar Wright Movies

Like any movie buff of his stature, Wright is able to justify his reasoning for each selection and even goes so far as to say that three minutes from Mad Max: Fury Road could be selected as the best action scene. It’s that kind of honest respect for the work of others and the directing profession itself that arguably helped make Wright’s own films so much fun. Despite Last night in Soho having yet to air, the trailers seen so far don’t hold back the creeps of the film, but because it’s Wright it’s already clear there’s a lot more to the movie than fears of jumping or a simple horror.

Too often it’s easy to forget that loving cinema and having a passion for it has the capacity to elevate the work of any filmmaker. For this reason, Wright has taken his place among a select group of contemporary filmmakers whose releases are reaching event status. It’s still too early to call Last night in Soho Either a hit or a classic, but regardless of how it performs, fans can bet the film will be imbued with a great deal of powerful influences.

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Source: Far Out Magazine

  • Last night in Soho (2021)Release Date: October 29, 2021

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