Kevin Smith explains how Clerks 3 recreated scenes from the original film

Kevin Smith exclusively explains how the Clerks 3 production team recreated scenes from the original film and Smith’s 1994 debut feature.

Kevin Smith exclusively explains how the Clerk 3 The production team recreated scenes from the original film and Smith’s 1994 debut feature. The final installment of Smith’s View Askewniverse will revolve around Randal Graves as he survives a heart attack and uses his new life to make a film with his friend Dante Hicks about their working life in the Quick Stop convenience store and the RST video store. Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson return to lead the cast of Clerk III as Dante and Randal alongside franchise veterans Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman, Marilyn Ghigliotti and Jason Mewes and Smith as Jay and Silent Bob.


Smith developed Clerk III since the press tour of Clerk II in which he briefly brainstormed before starting work in 2012 as a Broadway play and later a film the following year. After failing to secure funding from The Weinstein Company and Smith severed ties with the company following the series of accusations against Harvey Weinstein and focused on a Mallrats continued for a few years, Smith would write a new draft drawn from his own heart attack survival in 2019 and start buying it in town. Clerk III would be acquired by Lionsgate earlier this year and production would be ramped up by the studio, starting in August and ending a few weeks later.

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By discussing exclusively with screen delirium for the next documentary Clerk., Smith returned to the recently completed production of Clerk 3. Discussing how his team recreated the original Clerk scenes, the filmmaker recalled how HBO Max recently added their first feature film to their library and that they would put the movie on a smartphone near a monitor to compare shots to get as close as possible to the first movie. See what Smith said below:

“It sounds a lot like a movie we all know, right down to black and white. HBO Max had clerks that month, so we had it on the phone and every time we replay a moment, we would shoot the shot and hooked up right next to the monitor and then dialed this way. We were like, “Jeff, move around a bit more. Okay, turn your head this way. Alright, Bryan, now you’re going to slide and stop there. Don’t forget to put the Yoohoo in here, stuff like that. Reproducing those moments that years ago we took for granted because we were like, “We’ll never do that again,” you just do it once. “

Clerk 3 Photo Set

Smith discussed the possibility of a new Clerk project focused on Dante and Randal directing a film about their clerical life as an animated film continuing the short-lived series. However, due to the non-amicable separation between the Weinsteins and Miramax / Disney, to which the latter owned the rights to the series, those plans were ultimately scrapped and reused for the threesome. During production of the film, Smith shared Clerk III put in photos teasing the recreation of scenes from the original film, namely Randal and Dante’s in-depth conversations as they were located at the front of the store.

Throughout his career, Smith has proven to be a crafty filmmaker through his various levels of independent production and Clerk III is sure to serve as a moving love letter to his filmography and View Askewniverse fans. Between the return of the original Clerk cast, re-enacting scenes from the original film, and returning a hockey streak, anticipation will certainly be high among those who have followed Smith over the years. The wait for the trio won’t be much longer because Smith teased that the first one Clerk III The trailer could arrive in the next few months, followed by a wide release in mid-2022.

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