Jim Carrey’s Favorite Movie Scenes!

Jim Carrey is someone who can make anyone laugh and has no trouble catching the public’s attention. Here are some of his iconic movie scenes that fans love!

Jim Carrey has been making people laugh on screen since his first big break from the TV show In living color. He then starred in a handful of comedies in the 90s, including some of his classics. He continued to create films, both comedic and serious, for years afterwards. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and watch some of Carrey’s funniest movie scenes!

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

Picking the best scene from this movie is nearly impossible given that it’s just a cycle of non-stop laughter the whole time you’re watching! However, the one that never fails to make us laugh is when Ventura claims to need help in a mental hospital in order to search for clues as to where the missing dolphin went. In this scene, he is clearly over-dramatic and uses his funny faces and sounds that will blow your mind!

The Mask (1994)

the grinch isn’t the only green character Carrey has played! The mask is an iconic film that its fans always love to watch due to its character’s amusing sarcastic remarks and overall personality. One of the best scenes in this movie is when he finally gets cornered by the cops and dances his way out. The cops start dancing with him against their will and the faces Carrey made for this character are truly one of a kind!

Dumb and Dumb (1994)

The chemistry between Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels really makes this movie what it is and explains why so many scenes are still talked about today. These two have created some extremely funny content together in this movie that lives on. This scene is specifically the infamous “most annoying sound in the world” where Carrey had fans on the floor because of his funny sounds and faces. The bickering between the two is hysterical and Carrey’s facial expressions make the scene even better!

Liar Liar (1997)

This movie really showcased Carrey’s natural talent, not just in comedy. Liar Liar is one of those movies that makes you laugh constantly, but in the middle of it the plot tugs at your heart strings. Focusing on the comedic aspect, one of the funniest moments in this movie is his character’s first court appearance when he realizes his ability to lie is gone. When you try to say a sentence it turns into complete gibberish and Carrey does a phenomenal job interpreting it!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

It’s arguably one of the best Christmas movies of all time; one who will truly live forever. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not, Carrey has done an amazing job of transforming not just physically, but mentally into the character of the Grinch. Although there is an abundance of talented comedic actors in Hollywood, no one could have played this role like Jim Carrey did. One of the best parts is when the Grinch goes over his schedule for the day which is filled with a bunch of fun chores that are just excuses not to join the Who’s. Carrey totally nailed this scene which continues to be popular with fans, even becoming a popular sound on TikTok!

Jim Carrey is extremely talented and has a huge range as an actor which is why he is so respected in Hollywood. However, his comedies tend to be audience favorites because they are truly timeless and one-of-a-kind. Let us know your favorite Jim Carrey roles on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

Andrea G. Henderson