Inappropriate Amateurs Name Their Picks For The Most Hilarious Movie Scenes Unwittingly

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Wonderfully twisted moviegoers pick out the scenes that are meant to be serious but make them laugh out loud.

Redditor Owen_The_Owl910 started this thread by asking for “unintentionally hilarious” movie scenes, except for those from BedroomTommy Wiseau’s so-bad-it-good drama that’s actually a comedy, because that would be “too obvious.”

However, that didn’t stop another Redditor from upvoting Bedroom.

Instead of Bedroom, Owen_The_Owl910 chose (perhaps by chance) two recent films by John Travolta. The first is that of 2019 the fanatic, a thriller directed by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and starring Travolta as a celebrity stalker. He has a 15 percent approval rating on rotten tomatoes and, among his ridiculous scenes, there is one where Travolta’s character accidentally kills a maid.

“Every time I watch this scene, my severe depression is cured,” the Redditor concluded.

The other Travolta Guester is the one from 2018 Gottithe 0% RT-rated biopic about the titular mobster. The Redditor picked the scene where Gotti’s “son starts a fight in a bar and Travolta [who plays Gotti] is mad at him and finds him in a house and starts slapping him. An honorable-hysterical mention is the scene where Gotti punches a man in the shower.

Travolta stinkers aside, ArizonaRon98 made the most voted selection in the babe scene in American sniper. The obviously fake baby “had a good laugh at the theater”.

Not far behind ArizonaRon98 is Spinwheeling’s selection of the man who comically falls into the propeller of the Titanic in Titanic.

Others added their anecdotes about this hilarious scene:

The bronze medal pick is the infamous basketball scene of catwomanthat SmurfBearPig countered with the baseball scene of Dusk.

If you know of any other movie scenes that made you LOL despite their serious subject matter, please let us know on social media.

Andrea G. Henderson