Iconic Movie Scenes That Were ‘Mistakes’ That Were Supposed To Be Redone But The Directors Kept Them

Of the many films Hollywood has given us, a few have managed to have truly iconic movie scenes. These iconic movie scenes have defined the film and sometimes even the genre. Considered works of art, it is quite easy to overlook some simple facts. Some of these iconic movie scenes weren’t actually planned. They were created by accident and the original plan was to redo the whole scene because technically it was mistakes. Luckily, the filmmakers had some common sense and decided to keep those scenes from the movies, allowing them to make it to theaters. If the directors had decided against it, these iconic movie scenes would never have seen the light of day.

Without further ado, we bring you some epic movie scenes that were never really planned but ended up making the movie better.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Never Bring a Sword to a Gunfight

The Raiders of the Lost Ark

We all remember this scene. Indiana Jones is forced to fight a group of armed thugs who have been well trained in close combat. One of them even pulls out his sword and shows Indy his moves. And then Harrison Ford’s character, unimpressed, dismisses the whole fight by shooting the guy with his gun. The fight ended abruptly and hilarious. The scene wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. There was an extended fight scene planned for that day, but Ford wasn’t feeling well, so Spielberg just asked the actor to pilot it. And he did.

The Dark Knight – Hospital Explosion Scene

The black Knight

Christopher Nolan had worked tirelessly with the production and design team to make this scene happen. But in the end, no one is the perfect perfectionist, not even a guy like Nolan. A technical glitch occurred and the final explosion scene that would have blown the hospital off the face of the earth did not occur. But Heath Ledger stayed in character and kept pushing the button, hoping something would happen. Nolan continued to film and when the explosions happened, one of the biggest and most iconic movie scenes in superhero movie history was created.

Casino Royale – James Bond’s blue boxers

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig was supposed to come out of the water as gracefully and warmly as possible. He was supposed to sizzle viewers with his Greek god and chiseled physique. But things didn’t go as planned and Daniel fell into the water. The director rotated the camera. So we finally got to see James Bond’s infamous blue boxers. And if you’re still laughing, imagine this: This pair of boxer briefs then sold for a staggering $72,000.

Fellowship of the Ring: The Knife Deflection Scene

Fellowship of the Ring

Things could have ended very badly for Viggo Mortensen had he not acted quickly here. In the film, when the orc actor throws the knife at him, the prop has slipped from his hands. It could have hit Mortensen directly in the face and he could have easily died. Fortunately, Mortensen had undergone weapons training which had sharpened his reflexes. He was quickly able to change position and deflect the knife with his sword. The oblivious director continued filming, creating one of those iconic LOTR movie scenes that we keep talking about until the end of time.

Captain America – Hayley Atwell touches Chris Evans’ chest

The First Avenger

Well, we don’t blame her. It wasn’t in the script that Atwell’s Peggy Carter touches Evans’ chest in The First Avenger. She later confessed that she was so impressed with Chris Evans’ physique that she couldn’t resist. Evans allowed it, which led to a very steamy MCU scene.

Andrea G. Henderson