‘I threw in some movie lines’: Aaron Rodgers filmed with NASCAR Phenom Danica Patrick right after meeting her in 2012

Anyone who follows the NFL admires Aaron Rodgers for his prowess on the field. But he also has a stellar dating record. He spent a lot of time with Danica Patrick. They were like Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera if we are to judge by a movie rating. The NASCAR superstar once spoke openly about his first encounter with A-Rod.

Aaron Rodgers had people snapping in the offseason as retirement and trade rumors swirled. But he will remain a Packer for life and retire that way. However, 2022 looks to be a challenge as it now has new faces in the mix instead of Davante Adams.


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In 2019, Danica Patrick appeared in ‘The society With A-Rod and Big Cat.’ The hosts spoke with the NASCAR Phenom, who spoke about his first meeting with Aaron Rodgers. Patrick called him a funny guy who used movie lines and had their first conversation in 2012.


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She mentions, “I met Aaron a long time ago… We met in 2012, so we met at the ESPYs. I remember it was kind of an after-party… We were at the bar having a drink and, ‘oh hey!’ we started talking. He was throwing out some movie lines. I mean, this guy is really funny! We kept in touch randomly from then on and that was it.


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According TMZ, Rodgers referenced lines from the 1994 comedy film “Dumb and Dumber,” which piqued Danica’s interest. A-Rod should also thank Jim Carrey for that. This laid the foundation for their relationship. But there was a strange thing that happened.

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick did not exchange phone numbers during first meeting

The first encounter at ESPY was just the foundation of Rodgers and Patrick’s relationship. However, they started at a much slower speed than you would expect. When he appeared on the Jenny McCarthy Show, Patrick admits that she and Rogers didn’t exchange phone numbers when they first met. Instead, she got his email address. Over the years, the two would converse from time to time. And it ended up taking them a long time to exchange numbers.


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Rodgers ended his three-year relationship with actress Olivia Munn last spring. Patrick, a longtime Bears fan, who split from longtime partner and fellow race car driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. late last year. The couple finally announcement their relationship in 2018, but separate ways in 2020. Hopefully Aaron didn’t yell ‘I still own you‘ to her when they parted ways, and things went on an upbeat note.

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