How KathNiel reacted to their iconic movie scenes

The real couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. (Facebook/Catherine Bernardo)

NetflixPhilippines recently posted a video that brought back some popular scenes of the love team dubbed “KathNiel” ahead of their new series premiere “2 Good 2 Be True.”

In the video of Tuesday, April 19, real-couple Catherine Bernardo and Daniel Padille shared some interesting anecdotes behind their films “Barcelona: Unspeakable Love (2016)” and “The How of Us (2018).”

Both films can be streamed on the entertainment service platform.

“’2 Good 2 Be True’ or just too good, period? KathNiel will see you on Netflix (72 hours before anywhere else!) May 13,” Netflix said.

The couple first reacted to an iconic confrontation scene in their 2016 film.

Kathryn shared that filming took all night until morning to complete. Daniel added that it was like an “exam”.

“Ang hirap, parang exam talaga,” he said.

“Tapos pag pupunta ka sa set, alam mo yung lines mo or whatever,” Kathryn added.

They then watched two popular scenes from “The Hows of Us.”

Those parts were their intense argument in the kitchen and the confrontation between Georgina, Kathryn’s character, and Primo, Daniel’s character, in the rain.

They were quickly used as reaction images in online conversations, generated in memes and even imitated on TikTok videos.

The kitchen scene, in particular, was previously juxtaposed with a similar scene on Taylor Swift’s. “Too good: the short filmwhich was released in November 2021.

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Kathryn shared that the film’s director Cathy Garcia-Molina asked her to write down the things she’s had enough of to prepare for.

“So pumili siya sa mga pagod na yon na yung iba talaga incorporate doon sa script,” she said.

For the dramatic moment in the rain, Kathryn and Daniel said the latter was shivering during the recording.

“Ikaw kaya magpaulan sa Tagaytay kung hindi ka manginig,” the actor joked.

At the end of the clip, they invited their fans to watch their long-awaited series on Netflix on May 13 and on TV on May 16.

See you soon on Netflix! the couple said.

On the same day, ABS-CBN also uploaded the official trailer for the series.

According to the trailer, “2 Good 2 Be True” follows Ali (Kathryn), a nurse who tracks down Eloy (Daniel), a petty thief who stole something from her at a hotel party.

A romance quickly erupted between the two as Eloy attempted to uncover the truth behind his father’s arrest.

The show is produced by RGE Unit and directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar.

Andrea G. Henderson