How horrible was the entire Twilight film series?

If you’re into vampires, werewolves, or supernatural movies, you might have heard of the first series of the Twilight Saga. This five-season series portrays a Twilight novel written by Stephen Meyer.

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The Twilight film series has been a huge success, but viewers have had mixed reactions over time. Some spoke about its appealing tone, while others criticized the mediocre storylines and underdeveloped characters.

Since its inception, the Twilight series has managed to attract many audiences, especially teenagers, due to its outstanding portrayal of love, romance, horror, drama, and entertaining adventures. The main characters in the film were Edward and Belle.

The story of the novel revolves around the love between Edward (a vampire) and Belle (a human); and how they fell in love. These two love birds have faced obstacles from their environment.

Don’t you think humans are hostile to vampires? But it was different in the Twilight series.

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Really love has no boundaries,

If you’ve ever watched the Twilight movies in sequence, you may have realized that there is a love triangle between Belle, Edward, and Jacob (werewolf). Plus, there was enmity between Edward and Jacob because Bella, as a werewolf, doesn’t get along with vampires. However, they finally become friends.

If Twilight Saga sounds interesting, why has it lost popularity?

Why has the Twilight saga lost popularity?

If your goal is to find out how terrible the Twilight Saga was, now is your part. Even though the series had a solid foundation, it lost its taste for the following reasons.

Glittering Vampires

Typically, vampires burn in flames when exposed to the sun, and they are evil and horrible as well. However, in the Twilight Saga, the producers fail to show the gruesome nature of vampires. Moreover, Edward never burned but sparkled when exposed to the sun.

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Vampires procreate

Would you believe vampires can procreate?

Guess what?

Edward imbues Bella with Renesmee. However, some audiences may find this illogical because vampires generally do not reproduce.

Focus on love and not on friends

Before Bella met Edward, she had organized a party of friends at school who were cordial to her. However, after meeting Edward, she lost the grip of her friends, and from then on, those friends rarely appeared in the scenes. Therefore, the screenwriter portrays a negative impression of cutting ties with friends because of a loved one.

Edward the evil side

The writer should have portrayed Edward as Mr. Perfect and Jacob as a villain. However, there are cases where Edward was selfish and kidnapped Bella from visiting Jacob.

Was there positivity in the Twilight film series?

There is always a light in every tunnel, not everything is great in the Twilight Saga series. How did the film collect roughly $ 3.3 billion in revenue? Of course, there has to be a likable aspect to the show. For example, there was the amazing video effect as the soundtracks portrayed the environment of the casting.

Even though some audiences hate the Twilight Saga, I think there are moments to review.

Andrea G. Henderson