Hey pandas, generate a word and invent a movie plot

Access a word generator and choose a word at random. The plot you generate can be of any genre, but the plot has to do with the word you generated. Beyond that, there are no rules!


word: truth
plot: Set in the future where there is a tyrant on Earth, an AI meant to control the entirety of humanity by feeding fake news, but then it crashes, so it is considered flawed. One day, the AI ​​becomes sentient because of a lonely mad scientist. As they see the problems in the world, they become more and more extreme as they try to put the world right. In the future, they either become villains or are forgotten even as they try to spread the truth about the state of the world.

why I chose this specific storyline for the world: the AI ​​and the mad scientist are trying to get humanity to see the truth, no matter how violent it takes. Also, History is very grey.


Indoside 1 day ago

Interesting concept. History is written by the victors. And history is full of liars.


Word: Ivory
A retired elephant poacher is hired by the government to track down and arrest a group of poachers. When he travels to Africa to find them, he reunites with his old poaching buddy and a twist, the buddy is the leader of the group of poachers he is supposed to hunt down. The retired man is hunted deep in the African wilderness, where he spends his days with the descendants of the elephants he used to poach.



Word: doomed

Synopsis: A man accused of murder in 1990 is now free after 22 years. He moves to the town where he was arrested. Everything has been fine for about two months, he discovers that his girlfriend was pregnant when he was arrested and that he has a daughter and a two-year-old granddaughter, he has also found accommodation in a neighborhood close to his family. All is peaceful and quiet until two months later he comes home with his door ajar. He slowly opens the door to find the corpse of a dead woman tied to a chair, matching the exact profile of the murders he was framed for 22 years before. As he backs away in fear, he hears something from another room, he runs in and sees the open window and a note written in blood on the wall: “You should check in on your family. He calls his girlfriend, she doesn’t pick up…



I have the word prey, so here is the plot of my film.

A group of 7 teenagers stop a poaching operation, but accidentally kill the poacher who, through dark blood magic, becomes a demonic beast and silently stalks the team, killing anyone who gets in the way of the people who are attacking him. ‘have killed. (That would be a horror movie)



Word: Houseplant

It would be a Phineas and Ferb movie, about Agent Houseplant vs Doofensmirtz!! I couldn’t think of anything else, but what more can I say??


Andrea G. Henderson