Gran Turismo Movie Plot Looks Like ‘The Wizard’ With Nissan Sponsorship

PlayStation Productions says the Gran Turismo film on August 11, 2023 and announced District 9 director Neill Blomkamp will direct.

If you’re wondering what the hell a movie is based on Gran Turismo would look like, it seems Sony wasn’t completely sure either. Here is the plot synopsis of the film released by Sony Pictures, as reported by Deadline:

Based on a true story, the film is the ultimate teenage wish-fulfillment tale Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills have won a series of Nissan competitions to become a true professional racing driver.

This is The wizard for sim pilots, which is perhaps the last approach I expected Sony to take.

Gran Turismo is one of Sony’s most beloved and enduring video game franchises, with new installments appearing on each of its five major home consoles since 1997. The series is known for being a decidedly Japanese take on the sim racing genre. : detailed, serious and with few frills (although the recent entry Gran Turismo 7 seems to have faltered somewhat in the area of ​​frills). Adapting a historically straight racing sim for film would present a pretty tough challenge. Barring an actual documentary, the “true story based” approach feels like it can be as close to the spirit of the game as possible.

Gran Turismo the movie will follow Unexplored as PlayStation Productions ramps up film and television adaptations of its most recognizable video game properties. HBO’s adaptation of The last of us just finished filming, and a twisted metal TV is set to begin production of US network NBC’s streaming app, Peacock. Deadline’s story originally reported on what it knows about the film, which is currently still in development. Sony then updated Deadline with confirmed information. If Sony expects the film to hit theaters in August next year, it will have to get going. Provided the film stays on schedule, Blomkamp has just over 13 months to shoot the film.

Blomkamp caused a sensation in 2009 with District 9a grimy sci-fi film about the segregation of foreign refugees set in his native South Africa. District 9 was a feature film adaptation of Blomkamp’s popular short Living in Johannesburg. After a pair of feature film follow-ups in Elysium and Chappieand the abandonment of a project Halo film with Microsoft, Blomkamp has since mostly returned to shorts. His last feature film, Demoniccame out last year.

Unexplored grossed a worldwide haul of $401 million (A$580 million), which was likely less than Sony was hoping to do, but will surely be enough to make a sequel.

More on the Gran Turismo film as it develops.


Andrea G. Henderson