Five video games that need a movie/series

There’s no shortage of examples of terrible video game adaptations, whether in film or some sort of series, but unfortunately there aren’t many adequate ones, let alone truly decent adaptations that manage to staying true to the source material and being a proper adaptation in its own right. Recent examples include the excruciating new resident Evil Netflix show, the terrible theatrical release of (again) Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, or the not terrible, not great Unexplored. While history hasn’t been kind when it comes to video game adaptations, here’s a list of five video games that need a movie/series.

5. Gears of War

Marcus Fenix ​​from Gears of War

The most obvious entry on a list of five video games that need a movie is already one of the most cinematic games, and armament of war lends itself almost a little too easily to the big screen. It’s been mired in development hell for years now, with directors and writers strapping in and then dropping out just as quickly, however, watching the last remnants of humanity try and valiantly fail to hold back the cricket on the big screen would be an absolute treat. Give me the Marcus and Dom bromance, bloody chainsaw shots and a Brumak or three, and I’ll be happy.

4. Ratchet & Clank

five video games that need a movie/series
Ratchet and Clank

Honestly, I think it’s a no-brainer and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. It would run as a series of twenty-minute episodes, in a similar animation style to the recent Baymax Disney+ show, just with more dynamic locations and plenty of wacky monsters for the duo to fight. Add to that the wise humor of both, and you’re printing your own money. Also, it’s not like there isn’t enough source material to pull from at this point, with many different games already released over the years.

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3. Bioshock

five video games that need a movie/series

The original was groundbreaking for many reasons, none greater than history and this twist, which is still much talked about to this day. Spend enough time in Rapture and you can unearth plenty of background information about the creator’s motivations, its people, and its eventual demise, and the place is steeped in interesting lore. Why hasn’t this been turned into something for the bigger screen?

2. Bloodborne

five video games that need a movie/series
transmitted by blood

Undoubtedly a surprising entry for some, but the HP Lovecraft-inspired Soulslike game is here for some interesting worlds the big screen could explore. Focus more on the characters and less on the real world combat, follow a similar story and choose some of the best bosses and characters, and you’ll have an interesting journey through Yharnam. Not to mention the body-horror aspects of a lot of the characters, that would be enough to make a lot of viewers’ stomachs turn – Orphan of Kos anyone?

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1. Ghost of Tsushima

five video games that need a movie/series
Jin Sakai

Number one on the list of five video games that need a movie/series, this is the one on the list that already seems to be moving forward, albeit slowly. The Playstation exclusive won numerous accolades upon its release, not only for its fantastic gameplay but also for faithfully adapting Feudal Japan and its samurai story. Another game cinematic enough in nature to make the transition to the big screen easier than other games, I’m desperate to see Jin Sakai transition from Samurai to Ghost on the big screen.

What would you add to your own list of five video games that need a movie/series?

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Andrea G. Henderson