Five Great Conflicting Al Pacino Movie Scenes

It’s normal to associate Al Pacino with greatness. The multi-award-winning Hollywood actor is a permanent fixture in modern cinema and has amazed us time and time again with his iconic portrayals. Don’t be fooled by his steely gaze and collected demeanor. Pacino is a heavy hitter when it comes to intense scenes backed by unforgettable dialogue and some badass weaponry to boot. Here are the actor’s five best confrontation scenes, in no particular order:

5. The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece chronicles the life of the Corleone family, a powerful organized crime family. Pacino portrayed Michael, the youngest of the Corleone sons, and the reluctant heir to his father’s throne, Vito, played by Marlon Brando (A tram called Désir). In the first installment of the film franchise, Michael is forced to intervene after his father is nearly murdered. He had to commit acts of violence to save his father’s life, and one of them was killing a rival gangster, Virgil Sollozzo, played by Al Lettieri (The gift is dead) and his protector, Police Captain Mark McCluskey, played by Sterling Hayden (The long goodbye). The construction scene where Michael had to subtly confront the two and unexpectedly pull the trigger was nerve-wracking on different levels. It felt like an initiation into the underworld and Michael’s first stint as a mob boss.

4. Women’s Perfume

Pacino won his first Oscar for his role as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, a blind and irritable veteran. The gripping film followed the unique bond of Frank and his new assistant, Charlie Simms, played by Chris O’Donnell (Vertical limit), a prep school student who needs extra funds to buy a plane ticket for Christmas. The scene where Frank passionately defended Charlie after he got caught up in a sensitive corruption issue with his school principal. He then gave a speech about the importance of loyalty and integrity, while successfully fighting for Charlie’s. It was an inspiring moment that made us realize that sometimes a complete stranger can create such a lasting impact in your life by supporting you at a critical time in your life.

3. Scarface

The epic crime drama is known for its rags to riches story and iconic lines. Pacino portrayed Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who rose through the ranks of the treacherous underworld of crime, until he became one of Miami’s most powerful drug lords. The film followed his rapid rise to fame and fortune to his impending downfall in the most entertaining way possible. The scene where Tony was at his wit’s end as his enemies invaded his mansion was the film’s most famous moment. He shouted, “Say hello to my boyfriend! while shooting his enemy’s henchmen in a bloody last stand. It was a badass farewell to one of cinema’s most unforgettable antiheroes.

2. Heat

Pacino thrived in crime dramas and gave us some memorable characters that we still love to quote to this day. He portrayed the role of Vincent Hanna in the film, a skilled police lieutenant with an excellent reputation for solving his cases. The classic scene where Vincent confronted his ex-wife and current boyfriend was both awkward and hilarious. Vincent gave them his blessing in a rude way and got his TV back in the process. Pacino showed us once again how to handle a showdown scene like a boss and deliver another performance that was one for the books.

1. The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s film felt like a reunion of crime drama stalwarts. Pacino portrayed the role of Jimmy Hoffa, a labor leader who was once president of the powerful Teamsters union. He was a controversial figurehead who dealt with gangsters and was even convicted of jury tampering in 1964. The scene where Jimmy blew a fuse after facing immense pressure from his massive legal troubles, among other things . Jimmy spat profanities as his colleagues watched. He accuses them of mishandling the situation and blames them for plotting to put him in jail. Pacino knew these types of scenes like the back of his hand and once again delivered another performance that left us all amazed and thrilled to see his greatness in the realm of crime drama any longer.

Andrea G. Henderson